All De Anza League football

All De Anza League football. If you are a coach or an athletic director who has all-league teams for any fall sport for an area league, please email them to


Offense Taylan Seaman (12) Big Bear
Defense Joey Rutherford (12) Yucca Valley
Special Team – Co MVP Talo Wilson (12) 29Palms
  Blake Smith (12) Big Bear
1st Team  
Big Bear Desert Mirage  
Santana Diaz (12) Jesus Felipe (12)  
Conner McDonough (12) Ricardo Torres (11)  
Tre Prudhomme (12)    
Ryan Florence (12) Shadow Hills  
Collin Ortega (12) Michael Suarez (11)  
Travis Smith (12) Sam Garcia (12)  
  Hiram Rodriguez (12)  
Desert Hot Springs Luis Gonzalez (12)  
T Armstrong (12) Orlando Ortega (11)  
Ethan Martinez (11)    
Thompson Ongalibang (11) 29 Palms  
Anthony Moreno (12) David Falefity (12)  
  Darren Murphy (12)  
Yucca Valley Jake Culver (12)  
Logan Vallo (12) AJ Rangel (12)  
Bradley Soares (12) Dylan Martinez (11)  
Shayne Saiza (12)    
Gabe Sosa (12)    
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Prep wrestling: Colton Christmas Classic will have a local flavor

The Colton Christmas Classic, a longstanding wrestling tournament at this time of the season takes place again this Friday and Saturday.

Fans who bring a new toy for the toy drive can get in free.

The tournament includes about 29 teams, including the following San Bernardino County teams: Aquinas, Carter, Chaffey, Colton, Grand Terrace, Pacific, San Gorgonio, Upland, Yucaipa, and Yucca Valley. The finals will start on Saturday around 2:30 p.m., coach Anthony Urrea reports.

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All-De Anza League football team

2012 all-De Anza League football team

Offensive MVP: James Toland,  Shadow Hills, Sr.
Defensive MVP: Lucas Jenkins, Big Bear, Sr.
Special Teams MVP: Nate McClain, 29 Palms, Sr.

1st Team
Lane Dowty, Big Bear, Sr.
Taylan Seaman, Big Bear, Jr.
John Hawkins, Big Bear, Sr.
Tyler Babbit, Big Bear, Sr.
Lance Hubbard, Big Bear, Sr.
Tre Prudhomme, Big Bear, Jr.
Morgan Cole, 29 Palms, Sr.
Talo Wilson, 29 Palms, Jr.
David Failfitu, 29 Palms, Jr.
Marcus Chesnut, 29 Palms, Sr.
David Haney, 29 Palms, Jr.
Jake Culver, 29 Palms, Jr.
Hiram Rodriguez, Shadow Hills, Jr.
Rene Herrera, Shadow Hills, Sr.
Orlando Oretega, Shadow Hills, So.
Moises Contreras, Shadow Hills, Sr.
Brian McGowan, Yucca Valley, Sr.
Ben Hetz, Yucca Valley, Sr.
Logan Vallo, Yucca Valley, Jr.
Joey Rutherford, Yucca Valley, Jr.
Steven Steed, Desert Hot Springs, Jr.
Ace Lewis, Desert Hot Springs, Sr.
Nick Martinez, Desert Hot Springs, Sr.
Damian Gutierrez, Desert Mirage, Sr.
Alex Navarro, Desert Mirage, Sr.

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Yucca Valley looking to take next step

Tim Cannavo was an assistant coach at Yucca Valley in 1996 when the Trojans won their last CIF title. He almost broke that streak last year, as Yucca Valley took out Ambassador League champion Aquinas and Mountain Valley League champion Rubidoux on the way to the CIF-SS East Valley Division semifinals.

24 seniors depart last year’s team, but Cannavo believes that his remaining lettermen can build on what Yucca Valley accomplished a year ago.

“I remember the 1997 season after we won the 1996 championship,” Cannavo said. “We lost a lot but there was that desire to continue what we had done the previous year and it helped us reach the semifinals. All summer long we’ve been telling kids to start at the same level they finished last year.”

Despite its small size and the large number of seniors that departed, Yucca isn’t lacking returning talent. The offensive backfield and the line headline the 2011 Trojans, as their top two running backs and their interior linemen return from last year.
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All-De Anza League football team

Offensive MVP: Chris Fuifui, Twentynine Palms
Defensve MVP: Austin Dubuque, Big Bear
Special Teams MVPs: Logan Miller, Twentynine Palms and Trevor Vallo, Yucca Valley

First Team
Jeremy Ogden, QB, Desert Hot Springs
Zakk Planz, QB, Big Bear
Ryan Greer, RB, Desert Hot Springs
Ernesto Quintero, RB, Desert Mirage
James Toland, RB, Shadow Hills
Tyler Westplat, RB, Big Bear
Christian Guzman, WR, Desert Hot Springs
Michael Nicholson, WR, Yucca Valley
Ojay Feesago, OL, Twentynine Palms
Tuvalo Melei, OL, Twentynine Palms
Michael Neville, OL, Yucca Valley
Davio Quintanilla, OL, Desert Mirage
Rex Seaman, OL, Big Bear

Harley Chlebik, DL, Big Bear
Paul Topoleski, DL, Big Bear
Derik Dubuque, DE, Big Bear
Thomas Ramirez, DE, Twentynine Palms
Michael Montano, LB, Yucca Valley
Derrick Nealy, LB, Twentynine Palms
George Von-Toman, LB, Yucca Valley
Brian Walters, LB, Twentynine Palms
Javier Zazueta, LB, Desert Mirage
Antonio Desmarais, DB, Desert Hot Springs
Nate McClain, DB, Twentynine Palms
Julio Suarez, DB, Shadow Hills

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CIF semifinal football schedule

Saturday is going to be a huge day, as four county teams will be playing, including two county-county games.

Corona Centennial at Chino Hills (Friday)
Rancho Cucamonga at Vista Murrieta (Saturday)

Rancho Verde at La Quinta (Friday)
Cajon at Colton (Saturday)

Elsinore at Kaiser (Friday)
Summit at Serrano (Saturday)

St. Margaret’s at Paraclete (Friday)
Sierra Canyon at Yucca Valley (Saturday)

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De Anza League playoff scenarios

Its schools may be off the beaten path a bit, but there’s been some very good football played in the De Anza League this year. Not coincidentally, there’s quite a free-for-all for the league’s two guaranteed playoff spots going on.

1. Twentynine Palms (7-2, 4-0): The Wildcats have clinched a playoff berth regardless of how they do Friday against Big Bear. A win seals up an undisputed title and the No. 1 seed out of the league while a loss puts Twentynine into the No. 2 spot by virtue of losing the head-to-head tiebreaker with the Bears.

2. Big Bear (7-2, 3-1): The Bears would clinch a playoff spot and the No. 1 seed from the league with a victory over Twentynine Palms by virtue of winning the head-to-head tiebreaker. They can also make it with a Desert Hot Springs loss to Desert Mirage. If Big Bear loses, Desert Hot Springs wins and Yucca Valley loses to Shadow Hills, Big Bear would lose out on the No. 2 spot to DSH because of the head-to-head tiebreaker. A loss coupled with DSH and Yucca wins would cause a three-way flip for the No. 2 spot, as each team would be 1-1 against the other two. Either way, the Bears are a cinch to make it as an at-large if they don’t snap up one of the two automatic slots.

3. Desert Hot Springs (6-3, 2-2): The Golden Eagles would qualify as the No. 2 team out of the De Anza with a win over Desert Mirage and losses by Big Bear and Yucca Valley by virtue of owning the head-to-head tiebreaker with Big Bear. A loss by Big Bear and a win by Yucca Valley would cause a three-way flip for the last automatic playoff spot. A loss of any kind would eliminate DSH from getting an automatic berth, but the Golden Eagles would be in good shape for an at-large with a 6-4 or 7-3 overall record.

4. Yucca Valley (4-4-1, 2-2): Yucca Valley needs a win, a Desert Hot Springs win and a loss by Big Bear to get into a three-way flip for the last automatic spot. Otherwise, Yucca Valley needs a win of any sort to keep any at-large hopes alive. A loss would certainly eliminate the Trojans from all playoff consideration.

5. Desert Mirage (1-8, 1-3): Eliminated from playoff consideration.

6. Shadow Hills (1-8, 0-4): Eliminated from playoff consideration.

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Yucca Valley excited about senior-laden squad

Many years, the overall roster for the Yucca Valley High School football team barely sports more than 23 players. Needless to say, the Trojans are pumped up by a 2010 roster that has 23 seniors on the roster – something that is unheard of for smaller schools.

“We are really excited about this group of kids,” Yucca Valley coach Tim Cannavo said. “The last few years we’ve really made an effort to get numbers up and get kids excited about this program and this is the result of it. Any time you have experience like this coming back, it’s a great thing.”

A third of those seniors have been starting since their sophomore year and have seen their share of success at Yucca Valley, as the Trojans have finished second in the De Anza League the past two seasons, qualifying for the playoffs both times. Yucca Valley won its first round playoff game in 2008 before losing a close quarterfinal matchup with eventual champion St. Margaret’s.
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De Anza/Freelance playoff breakdown

This one is pretty much all subjective, as the top two spots in the De Anza League are sealed up, leaving Big Bear, Desert Hot Springs and a freelance upstart to fight for bids.

1) Twentynine Palms (6-4, 4-0): The Wildcats clinched the De Anza League championship and top seed with a victory over Big Bear Saturday.

2) Yucca Valley (2-7, 2-1): The Trojans have clinched the No. 2 spot in the De Anza League, as they own head-to-head tiebreakers over Big Bear and Desert Hot Springs.

3) Big Bear (3-6, 1-2): Have to defeat Desert Hot Springs Friday to have any shot at an at-large bid, as the Bears lose the head-to-head tiebreaker in event of a win and a Yucca Valley loss. Even then, 4-6 might not be good enough to get in.

4) Desert Hot Springs (3-6, 1-2): The Golden Eagles are in the same exact boat as Big Bear, as they need to win to have any shot at an at-large bid. And it still may not be enough.

5) Desert Mirage (3-6, 0-3): Eliminated from playoff consideration.

And the two freelance teams, which are eligible for the East Valley playoff if I’m not mistaken.

1) Oak Hills (7-2) – I really can’t see any way the Bulldogs don’t make the postseason. Not only do they have a lot of wins, but they have quality wins over teams like Aquinas and Laguna Beach. Can’t imagine a scenario where they wouldn’t be able to play in the playoffs.

2) Citrus Valley (2-7) – Eliminated from playoff consideration.

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Week 10 high school picks

Another mediocre week for my picking, as I only went 19-7 in my picks. I’ll blame Chino Hills for that…no, actually Chino Hills should blame me for jumping on their bandwagon and causing a flat tire.

Upland at Rancho Cucamonga
Another big Baseline battle, as the team with 3-4 senior Division I prospects this year (Upland) plays the team that will have that many next year (Rancho Cucamonga). Expect lots of passing, lots of scoring and lots of fun. Yeah, it sounds like I’m advertising an afternoon at Knotts Berry Farm, but this one should be a good one. I’m going with the home team because I can’t think of any other way to seperate these stud teams.
Rancho Cucamonga 38, Upland 31

Kaiser at Riverside Patriot
It’s only fitting that Dick Bruich’s last game will be for the Sunkist League championship, something that has been almost taken for granted by Kaiser fans and sportswriters. Like Kaiser, Patriot employs a hard-nosed, downhill running game and a physical defense. But no one plays sock-your-mouth football better than the Cats, at least in the Sunkist League.
Kaiser 23, Patriot 10

Colton at Arroyo Valley
For all intents and purposes, this game is for the final playoff spot in the San Andreas League. Sure, there are some weird coinflips that could happen with upsets and things of the like, but barring a San Berdoo High shocker, this is the game. Colton seems to have a little more momentum coming in and seriously, can you imagine the playoffs without Harold Strauss? Neither can I.
Colton 28, Arroyo Valley 14

Glendora at Ayala
Pop quiz hotshot. You’ve just beaten your crosstown rival in an upset. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Host another game with league-championship implications of course. It might be tough for Tom Inglima to get his Bulldogs down from the high of the Chino Hills win but he’ll have to, as defending Sierra champion Glendora is no slouch. However, it seems to be a rule in the Sierra League that allows for equal title time in football. So Ayala wins this year and Diamond Bar is the favorite in 2009.
Ayala 31, Glendora 25

Eisenhower at Redlands East Valley
The Eagles played their hearts out last week against Miller, giving the favored Rebels all they could handle before falling 28-21. Unfortunately for Ike, their playoff hopes might have fallen with that game. If Ike can pull an upset on a REV team due for a letdown after the big win over Redlands, then they’ll be the biggest Rialto High fans ever – as the Knights have to beat Yucaipa. Unfortunately, it will be too hard to get the first phase of the job done.
Redlands East Valley 23, Eisenhower 9

Colony at Ontario
The Jaguars are a good story this year, as the heroics of quarterback/defensive back Herman Huezo have Ontario in the playoffs for the first time since 2003. Colony was in its infancy as a school back then, but has two CIF titles since the Jags last touched the postseason. The point of all this is even though Colony won’t get a Mt. Baldy title, they won’t lose to the spunky Jaguars either.
Colony 24, Ontario 6

Victor Valley at Ridgecrest Burroughs
It’s pretty amazing that the Jackrabbits, who were winless the previous two seasons before this one, are in a win-and-in situation in this game. It’s also amazing that the Burros could either win the league and get the No. 1 seed in the playoffs or miss them entirely based on this game. Such is the life in the Desert Sky League, not usually a bastion for parity. Victor Valley will give it a run, but Burroughs is too tough at home.
Ridgecrest Burroughs 30, Victor Valley 17

Apple Valley at Hesperia
We’ll keep it up in the High Desert and take a journey to Hesperia, where the Scorpions can notch their first-ever Mojave River League outright title and set a school record for wins if they beat the Sun Devils. It’s been a close-but-no-cigar year for Apple Valley, just to throw a cliche’ out there. The Sun Devils have to still be kicking themselves about the second half against Rim of the World, which won’t help them upset Hesperia.
Hesperia 35, Apple Valley 20

Arrowhead Christian at Aquinas
The Eagles have been a pleasant surprise, rolling up six wins and setting themselves up for an at-large bid in the East Valley Division playoffs should they lose this game. Unfortunately, should could be replaced by probably, which would ruin the sentence structure but bring up the main point, which is that Aquinas is scary good. QB Tyler Stirewalt put over 300 yards passing on Ontario Christian last week, something he can replicate tomorrow if he chooses.
Aquinas 42, Arrowhead Christian 14

Yucca Valley at Desert Mirage
This is historic, as this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned Desert Mirage in the main body of this predictions entry. So after I open up a few bottles of champagne, I’ll mention how both of these teams are greatly improved and fighting for the last automatic playoff spot out of the De Anza League. Then I’ll predict Yucca Valley to win a close one.
Yucca Valley 24, Desert Mirage 22

Other games of note:
Los Osos 31, Etiwanda 21
Alta Loma 21, Claremont 12
Miller 38, Fontana 7
Yucaipa 30, Rialto 14
Redlands 28, Carter 17
Ontario Christian 33, Western Christian 20
Big Bear 28, Desert Hot Springs 10
Barstow 34, Granite Hills 13
Serrano 42, Sultana 0
Rim of the World 45, Lynwood Firebaugh 6
Chaffey 35, Don Lugo 10
Cajon 51, San Bernardino 3
San Gorgonio 34, Pacific 8
Chino Hills 41, Diamond Bar 10
Damien 27, Chino 12
Summit 28, Bloomington 13

Overall record: 183-45-4

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