New strength program paying dividends for Tony Parker

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A star-studded prep career made Tony Parker one of the top 10 centers in 2013, but that resume did little for him once he got to college. UCLA’s 6-foot-9 freshman averaged just 2.4 points and 1.2 rebounds, struggling with back spasms, a sprained ankle and strained hamstring. When the Georgia native did make it on the court (6.3 mpg), he often racked up quick fouls. He thought about transferring.

The return of strength coach Wes Long, who left UCLA for Wyoming in 2011, convinced Parker to stay — and has since helped him shed over 20 pounds.

Q: How has Wes Long worked with you, and how much has it helped?

We usually do a lot of, a whole lot of bike riding. I ride the bike after every workout. We’re starting to do a little more upper body, because we’re bulking up in the summer. In the spring, I lost about 22 pounds. He’s doing a lot, a whole lot. Me and Wes have a great relationship. It’s just a hard-work relationship. He really wants me to get better. I just feel the energy with him. Continue reading “New strength program paying dividends for Tony Parker” »