Alice In Chains at Epicenter 09

Alice In Chains were the surprise of Saturday’s Epicenter 09 festival in Pomona, at least to me.
William DuVall, who has taken over for Layne Staley, as vocalist and also plays rhythm guitar appeared to win everyone over with his rumbling voice and laid back yet charismatic stage presence.
The group performed new songs from their upcoming album “Black Gives Way to Blue” that included “Check My Brain” and “A Looking In View.”
During “A Looking In View” people set fire to what smelled like plastic
bottles and happily moshed around the fire until security stepped in.
Their renditions of “Man In The Box” and “The Rooster” were really good however.
DuVall, to me, sounds like Staley in the way that Brian Johnson sounds like Bon Scott meaning there are definite similarites but different enough to where you want to hear an album to see what would happen.
With that said, I would like to hear DuVall on an acoustic song to hear his voice more clearly but he came off well Saturday.