Elton John and Leon Russell performing ‘The Union’ together

“My mentor, this album is one of the best albums I’ve ever done,” John said before starting off “If it Wasn’t for Bad” with Russell from their album “The Union,” which hit No. 3 on the Billboard charts.

While John is on the left side of the stage playing piano, Russell is on the right side with equal spotlight on both. The song is mid-tempo but plays to the strengths of both with their vocals and tight piano playing.

“Hey Ahab” and its catchy bluesy rhythm was next. Then came the slower tempoed “Gone to Shiloh,” which John called “beautiful” with its Bernie Taupin lyrics. Russell kicked off the song and John blended right in on the dramatic sounding instrumental.

“We been touring,” John said before the next number from “The Union.” “This song is a concert kind of song. A tribute to the late Jimmy Rodgers and it’s called ‘Jimmy Rodgers Dream.’ 

Unfortunately, the guitar and keyboard from the song mixed with the piano doesn’t blend in well live (at least from up in the press box) but the audience clearly enjoyed the song. Perhaps the acoustics don’t carry well this high.

“There’s No Tomorrow” is another dramatic slow song, this time with a nice build up, and wailing guitar. The audience applause is noticeable quieter than for John but this is a new album.

“Monkey Suit” was a welcome up-tempo change from the duo with different lighting combinations matching the speedy drum tempo of th song. 

The duo also performed “The Best Part of the Day,” “A Dream Come True,” “When Love is Dying,” Hearts Have Turned to Stone” and “Never Too Old.”