Wiz Khalifa’s smoking Coachella set

Hip-hop star of the moment Wiz Khalifa brought a hazy audience with him at the main Coachella stage Sunday afternoon.

Khalifa’s music celebrates marijuana and partying and the thousands gathered to watch him perform took the message literally as clouds of smoke were constant throughout the 50 minute set.

Audience members loudly pointed out that Khalifa looked stoned but his set still had a lot of energy as he eagerly performed numerous songs off his “Kush & Orange Juice” mixtape like “Waken Baken” and his latest “Rolling Papers” album.

My biggest complaint about the set is Khalifa’s microphone at times was turned down low and his freestyles or a capella lyrices at times were a bit hard to hear. He ended the set with his latest singles “Roll Up” and “Black and Yellow” as the audience loudly cheered in approval.