Support kids’ arts with Light Bringer Project

We all know about the craziness of the Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, but did you know there’s a serious side too?


The parade and the Pasadena Chalk Festival are the two big fundraisers for the Light Bringer Project, a Pasadena non-profit organization that provides arts and arts education for children and the mentally ill in Los Angeles County.


Among its programs is Room 13, currently at three schools and growing. Room 13 is an international network of art studios based at schools around the globe. An artist-in-residence at each location mentors children through various art projects, which the kids select. The artist also works on his own pieces in the room so kids can see the creative process in action.


Other programs include Expressing Feelings Through Art and the Ad & Design Academy.


But none of these programs can take place without support. I know times are tough, but support isn’t always money. Maybe you have some art supplies gathering dust in your garage or just like to work with kids. There’s any number of ways you can help and many of them do not require any experience with art.


For more information visit or find the organization on Facebook.


And if Light Bringer Project isn’t “your thing,” I encourage you to find another organization to give your time and talents. You’ll not only make some one else happy, you’ll feel great yourself!