Watch the Doo Dah Parade anywhere

Can’t make it to the 35th Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade? Too lazy to leave the comfort of your home for the madness of Colorado Boulevard? On the go or live too far away? You can still be a part of the fun.


Starting at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 28, the parade will be livestreamed on the Internet at:


31st Queen Naughty Mickie and staff reporter Erick Galindo will be commentating. 


Eat your heart out Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards!


We’re going to the BIGGEST party in Pasadena and sharing the sights and sounds of Doo Dah, which is considered one of the best parades in the world by Readers Digest.


 Don’t miss it!!

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Get in the Doo Dah mood by watching this episode of Media Mashup promoting the parade. I dance with my swords at 42:20

Shark Cam to cover Doo Dah Parade April 28



Arguably the world’s largest known man eating fish, the great white shark, will take to dry land this Saturday swimming high over this year’s 35th occasional Doo Dah Parade. Equipped with a wireless camera the 5 foot inflatable remote controlled shark will, for the first time, live stream aerial footage of the parade.


Now in its fifth year,, working with event organizers Patricia Hurley and Tom Coston, the Pasadena Community Network and the Mountain Views News, has been able to catch all the zany, wacky fun that is Doo Dah — known as the twisted sister of the conventional Rose Parade– in real-time as it happens.


“The shark sounds really cool,” said this year’s Doo Dah Grand Marshal Ann Erdman. Hurley added, “Oh my gosh, this is all way too fun!!!”


The Doo Dah Shark Cam will use the “Air Swimmers” remote controlled, helium filled, balloon shaped shark. The balloon is made from a printed “ultra-durable nylon” that is thicker and more damage-resistant than normal party balloons. More information about Air Swimmers can be found at


The shark will be equipped with a mini wireless color camera about the size of a postage stamp. The camera uses a 2.450 GHz output. The shark will be capable of reaching a height of 40 feet, although it is not anticipated to go over 15 feet. The balloon will also be tethered to assure it does not fly away.

35th Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade April 28

Doo Dah Parade will Rumble through East Pasadena on Saturday, April 28th  



Led by its new Queen Patrizzi Intergarlictica, the Pasadena Doo Dah Parade will celebrate 35 years of irreverent playfulness on the streets of Pasadena. The 2012 Parade takes place on Saturday, April 28th, stepping off at 11am in East Pasadena along Colorado Boulevard. Queen Intergarlictica won the royal nod when she wowed judges by producing and starring in a three-minute rave. It included a light show projected against her dazzling spangled costume reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra.





Colorful favorites slated to make their appearance are the legendary Snotty Scotty and the Hankies, Mile-High Bed, a parody of not-so-traditional airline behavior, Candy Girls, The Army of Toy Soldiers, beer boosting rockers Drunk in the Garage, Kinetic Pastry Science Mobile Muffins, The Billionaires, Vegetables of Laguna Beach, Cheesus Chrust Pizza Company, the indescribable Diatomaceous Love Monkeys, OC Norml’s Mardi Grass, and the visually spectacular Songbird Robot Brigade.


Last year, dozens of inventive, if zany, art cars and floats accompanied a legion of frolickers past the mom-n-pop shops along East Pasadena’s shady tree-lined streets, old and new entries this year also include Easy Acres Chicken Sitters, combined bands of the 35th Dragoon Guards, Boo-Boo Kitty, KidSwap, Auto Focus-Famous Director, King Louie, A Moveable Feast, Human Pool Balls, Howdy Krishna, Girls Drawing Girls PinUps, Parrotheads, Charlie and Pearl the Unicorns, Blues Brothers Tribute, Klingon Assault Group, Flying Baby Cannon, and much, much more! Yes, another Doo Dah is here to help you forget your humdrum existence!


Known as the twisted sister of the conventional Rose Parade, the Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade began as a grassroots event in 1978 to gain national attention for its eccentric and, often, irreverent satire. The parade which has spawned numerous off-beat replicants across the country and was named by Readers Digest as “America’s Best Parade,” and was recently featured in the book 50 Places You Must Visit Before You Die!




WHERE: Colorado Boulevard (between Altadena and San Gabriel Boulevards) in East Pasadena.


WHEN: SATURDAY, APRIL 28TH, Stepping off at 11:00AM


COST: Always FREE-of-charge!!


(626) 590-7596 Public Info Line


Plenty of street parking is available ~ Parade route is also just west of the Sierra Madre Villa Gold Line Station (at Colorado Blvd. and Sierra Madre Villa). City busses go directly to the area.


Come early! Bring a lawn chair! Visit the local eateries and shops, and attend the after parties all within walking distance. Food and refreshments will also be available along the parade route. And join the Queen for a bite at the Food Truck Court where Border Grill, Greasy Wiener and Paradise Cookies will be parked post-parade. This will be in the Chefs Center parking lot on San Gabriel Blvd. just around the corner of Colorado Blvd. (east end of the parade route).


Official Doo Dah After-Party: American Legion, 179 N. Vinedo St. (2 blocks from Parade at Vinedo & Walnut), immediately following the event. Featuring Snotty Scotty and the Hankies and Horses on Astroturf…cheap food and drinks!! $5 cover (supports a Legion charity). Cash only please.


The Colorado Bar: 2640 E. Colorado Blvd., One of Pasadena’s favorite old taverns, Drunk in the Garage performs post-parade, no cover.


Poo Bah Records, 2636 E. Colorado Blvd., records, in-store performances, lots of coolness.


For more information go:

New Doo Dah Queen & best April Fool’s Day ever!

If you missed the 2nd biggest party in Pasadena, you may not have heard the news~ the sweet and pretty Queen Rosie of the Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade has handed her reign to the sparkling and vivacious Queen Patrizzia Intergalactica during the official queen tryouts Sunday night at the American Legion.


You can get the full story from Brian Day of the Pasadena Star-News here:


While at the site, please also check out Mike Mullen’s photo gallery, as well as a rockin’ video of Queen Erica Valentine performing at the event.


For me, the tryouts were a mix of surprise and sentimentality. Tom and Paddy of the Light Bringer Project (the charity which presents the parade) invited me to bring my swords and dance during the tryouts. I agreed and when I arrived, Tom told me to fill out an audition form and take a number. I protested, as I was there to judge, not try my luck as a queen hopeful. He pooh-poohed me, saying that they wanted to slip me in between some of the hopefuls to break things up and he didn’t want them to miss me, so this was easiest. OK, I took the bait and, as one of the assistants pinned the number 0 on me, I laughed.


About 6-7 hopefuls had taken the stage and now it was my turn. I was introduced and it was announced that I wasn’t auditioning. I danced with a veil and then began working the swords. I balanced two on my head and rolled across the floor then stood up and beckoned Queen Sierra Madre Sue to place the third sword on my bosom. She was a little nervous, but complied with a grin. I danced and then took the sword off my chest and balanced it on my hip. For my finale, I kept upping drummer Joe Velosa’s speed and shimmied a fury. The crowd went wild.



59466-Doo 2012 small-thumb-300x178-59465.jpg

.Queen Naughty Mickie does her sword dance accompanied by drummer Joe Velosa at the 2012 Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade Queen tryouts. Photo by Mike Mullen.



Getting my breath, Dr. Demento handed me the mic and suddenly the judges were asking me questions- “Why are you auditioning again? A queen is always a queen,” Queen Sabrina said. Confused I looked over at Tom, who said that I was indeed auditioning, so I said that I couldn’t tell the Tsar of Doo Dah no and was throwing my hat into the ring. A few questions more and I left the stage still a little mixed up at what had transpired.


Of course I wasn’t selected for queen or even a runner-up, I had been April Fooled… and I loved it!


When I was growing up, April Fool’s Day was the best day of the year, as my father and I would plan elaborate tricks to play on each other. I would spend months, sometimes an entire year plotting and working on ideas to “get” my dad. It was a big thrill if we successfully pulled a gag on each other and we would laugh even if we were the one who was hoaxed (sometimes we giggled even more in that case!).


My father has been dead for well over a decade and it’s been at least that long since someone “got me good” on April Fool’s Day, so my love goes out to Tom and Paddy and all the other Doo Dah people who were in on it when the joke was on me. This day is one for the vaults, as they say, and I’m still laughing! Thank you.


OK, that was the 2nd biggest party in Pasadena~ now make plans for THE biggest party in Pasadena, the Doo Dah Parade on Saturday, April 28. For details, stay tuned here or visit