Final San Bernardino Kiwanis results

Here are the results from Monday, the final day of the San Bernardino Kiwanis boys basketball tournament.

15th place: Arroyo Valley 51, Indian Springs 46
13th place: Ramona 65, Rim of the World 48
11th place: Summit 84, Pacific 49
Consolation championship: Kaiser 66, Barstow 47
7th place: Grand Terrace 64, San Gorgonio 58
5th place: Redlands East Valley 77, Jurupa Hills 57
3rd place: Redlands 58, Beaumont 56
Championship: Cajon 63, Yucaipa 38

Friday’s Tournament results

Friday’s tournament results
Boys basketball
San Bernardino Kiwanis
Championship quarterfinals
Beaumont 77, Redlands East Valley 71
Yucaipa 65, Grand Terrace 59
Redlands 70, Jurupa Hills 55
Cajon 39, San Gorgonio 31
Consolation quarterfinals
Summit 68, Rim of the World 45
Barstow 64, Arroyo Valley 46
Pacific 55, Ramona 50
Kaiser 76, Indian Springs 31

Thursday’s Holiday Tournament scores

Today (Thursday) was a busy day for holiday tournaments, so here is a scorelist from the San Bernardino Kiwanis boys basketball tournament as well as San Gorgonio’s soccer tournaments. Friday’s schedule will be in another post.

San Bernardino Kiwanis
First Round
Redlands East Valley 77, Rim of the World 48
Beaumont 74, Summit  62
Yucaipa 57, Barstow 50
Grand Terrace 78, Arroyo Valley 54
Cajon 84, Indian Springs 19
Redlands 62, Ramona 45
San Gorgonio 46, Kaiser 29
Jurupa Hills 60, Pacific 40

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Week 8 Football Predictions Recap

It was a great week for me predicting games in Week 8. I went 26-2 picking winners, and I am now 220-55 for the season.

The only two games I missed? I was incorrect in picking Arrowhead Christian to beat Linfield Christian and Glendora to beat Etiwanda.

Here is a recap of the San Bernardino County scores from Week 8

Ontario Christian 16, Aquinas 7
Western Christian 47, Calvary Murrieta 27
Linfield Christian 47, Arrowhead Christian 40
Etiwanda 35, Glendora 28
Rancho Cucamonga 20, Los Osos 16
Upland 45, Alta Loma 20
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Week 7 prep football predictions recap

After missing only three games in Week 6, I had a much tougher week in for Week 7.

In Week 7, I went 22-7, and I am now 194-53 picking winners of San Bernardino County football games this season. I have gotten the margin (and winner) exactly right 5 times. This week, I correctly predicted Colton would beat Bloomington by 29 points.

The scorelist of last weekend’s San Bernardino County games is below. I realize I hadn’t been doing this, but I will put in bold the games I got wrong. Of course, you can always check my posts for past predictions:

Thursday’s and Friday’s scores
Western Christian 46, Aquinas 17
Ontario Christian 35, Arrowhead Christian 13
Etiwanda 47, Alta Loma 17
Rancho Cucamonga 37, Glendora 9
Upland 27, Los Osos 10

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Last week’s football scores/predictions recap

Sorry for the delay, but here is the complete scorelist and predictions recap from last week. It was a very good week for me. I forgot to pick a couple of games, but otherwise I went 25-3 picking winners for the week (but got no margins exactly right). I have gotten the margin exactly right 4 times, and I am 172-46 picking for the season.

The three games I lost? Upland-Glendora, Ike-Redlands, and Colton-Summit.

Week 6 Prep football scores (compiled from Thursday-Saturday)

Arrowhead Christian 13, Aquinas 10
Ontario Christian 43, Calvary Murrieta 7
Western Christian 27, Linfield Christian 13
Glendora 24, Upland 21
Rancho Cucamonga 37, Etiwanda 18
Los Osos 40, Alta Loma 14
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Prep football scores/predictions recap

Sorry for the delay, but here is how my picks fared last week, with a complete list of scores. For the week, I went 18-7 picking winners and I am 147-43 on the season. Thanks to Chaffey’s 35-point win over Garey, I have now correctly picked the exact margin of victory four times this season.

Here are the weekend’s scores:

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Friday’s football scores, predictions recap

Here are Friday’s scores with a recap of Friday’s predictions. I put the scores here for several reasons, one of which is frequently the high school football scoreboard page on our web site won’t show up on my web browser. Let me know at if you have the same problem.

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Friday’s football scores and predictions recap

Friday’s prep football scores, and  recap of my predictions. I went 22-9 on Friday night and am 103-29 picking winners this year. This week, I picked one margins right (first of the year) with the winning team AND the winning margin: I said Arrowhead Christian would win by 8. I have yet to get a score exactly right, however.

Here are Friday’s scores for San Bernardino County teams. I will attempt to update with the handful of Saturday games we have going on.

Friday’s Results
Apple Valley 13, Victor Valley 6
Arrowhead Christian 28, Ribet Academy 20

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