Raymundo Beltran focused on green card, and defeating Bryan Vasquez

Ricky Burns v Raymundo Beltran - WBO World Lightweight Championship

Raymundo Beltran is introduced ahead of his fight against lightweight champion Ricky Burns in September 2013. The bout ended in a draw/Photo by Getty Images


Raymundo Beltran’s quest to obtain a green card has been ongoing, and has made for a fine story. But he is going to fight Bryan Vasquez on Saturday in the lightweight semi-main event at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, so he has to make sure he concentrates on that as well.

He assured reporters he was doing just that during a conference call Monday.

“He is a very tough opponent,” Beltran, of Mexico, said of Vasquez, of Costa Rica. “I know he is going to fight. We both have different goals. He’s got a big opportunity to fight me and I have a big challenge in front of me.

“My focus is also on the title and also on the green card situation, which is my big motivation to win the fight. He is a good fighter and I want to impress the people and I just can’t wait to get in the ring. But I am very confident by the way it is going in the gym and my mind is 100 percent right now.”

Beltran (33-7-1, 21 KOs) and Vasquez (35-2, 19 KOs) will tangle for a regional title underneath the super featherweight world-title fight between champion Vasyl Lomachenko and Miguel Marriaga (on ESPN).


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