Doo Dah lives on the Internet

What?! The 34.5th Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade was in April?!


Maybe you missed the biggest party of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it any time you like. The parade was taped and is now streaming at


Make your own big party by inviting your friends over, donning your wackiest outfit, setting out your favorite snacks and tuning in.




Now carry on, as you were,


31st Queen Naughty Mickie

Queen Skittles selling photos, sharing Doo Dah photo galleries


Hello Friends,

My Photo Sale is happening NOW! …until all the photos are gone. I have about 150 framed images from large to very small that I’ve had in my shows over the past 7 years. I want them to go to nice homes for decoration! See them here: $2 for small framed photos & $5 for large framed photos. A few are newer & a few I’m still very attached to so those have higher prices marked on the image name. #s 001 to 027 are large. The rest I pretty much consider small.

I’m updating the image names with SOLD at the beginning as soon as someone claims it! I can SHIP the frames if you can cover the cost of shipping in addition to the $2 or $5. I can also take credit card payments or paypal (for a few extra bucks). WANT AN UNFRAMED PRINT? I can make more of these! Prices will be different though if I have to reprint it 🙂 A few frames don’t have the glass in them but 99% do. EMAIL ME OR CALL with any questions.

DOO DAH PARADE PHOTOS! Yes, a lot of my sentences need exclamation points. I edited 750 photos from The Parade down to about 450 and then another edit down to 160! So here are a couple links to view the long and short versions of The Parade & after-parties:

You can also view my BLOG @ because I’ve been updating it!