A Faire-y tale fit for a Queen


The last day of the Renaissance Faire at the Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale was Sunday and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I perused the shire with one of my loyal knights, Sir Benjamin McGinty, Knight of the Arts, along with a proper entourage and one “tourist.”


We ate, drank and made merry- watching the shows and shopping at a leisurely pace through the day. And yes, it was very hot, as you know, but I was fine with my parasol and fan. Of course having attendants helps too!


I would like to thank Richard Lowe http://www.renaissancefaire.net/ for sharing some of his photos from my day. Please visit his Web site for the full – and I mean full! – story. Here, you see Sir Ben, my friend and wondrous drummer, Joanne, and one of the Doo Dah Parades most popular denizens, Dennis. Oh, and my Royal self too!


If you are seeking something entertaining this weekend, I suggest – nay, command you to go


to McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena for the Sunday Salon. The event includes art, artists in attendance, refreshments and more, plus Sir Benjamin owns the space and knows how to throw a good soiree. Visit www.galleryatheendoftheworld.com and make plans to see me there!















Queen’s day out at Ren Faire planned


What better place for a Queen than at the Renaissance Faire? Well, that’s what Sir Benjamin McGinty, Knight of the Arts and owner of McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena thinks, so he’s planning a day in honor of me!


This Sunday (May 18), I will be escorted throughout my day at Faire by my trusty Knight and accompanied and attended by a full entourage, which he has dutifully gathered. I would like to further extend his invitation to all my loyal subjects and ask you to join us for this final day of merriment at Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale.


Unfortunately, Sir Atticus, the Royal Pup, will not be in attendance as it conflicts with his appointed nap times, but you are welcome to approach Her Royalness for a few words and even – oh my! – a photograph or two.


For more information on the Faire, please visit www.renfaire.com


You can learn more about Sir Benjamin and his art space at www.myspace.com/galleryattheendoftheworld


Remember~ All’s fair at Faire!


I hope to see you there!  Now, carry on, as you were!

The Queen says…

I was recently interviewed by Aaron Proctor. For those unfamiliar with his name, this is the guy who, at age 25, ran for mayor of Pasadena. He didn’t win, but he still keeps his paws in the political dealings of the city.


You can read what he asked and what I had to say about it at





Atticus ~ hoping to get a ‘byte’ at the Big Apple


Dear Readers,


Mommy’s on the phone with grandmother so I knew I’d have a few minutes to catch up with you. I’ve been busy on the computer making new friends. I found a Web site sponsored by Purina that has a big forum where you can meet dogs from around the world. I posted my profile too, along with photos and a story so other pups can learn about me.


If you’d like to see me and a lot of other wonderful, although maybe not quite as adventurous, dogs, visit




Select the Dog Park and you can search by name, state, breed and other choices.


 There’s also a contest to get your photo in Times Square in New York City. I’ve never been there, but my mommy has and she says it’s the best place to go shopping during the holidays! Anyway, if my photo is selected, it will be shown in NYC on June 16 and you can see it via the Web site. Cross your toes for me!


Now, get out and smell everything you can!


Paws up,


All’s Faire for the Queen

Earlier I answered my phone to hear the warm voice of Sir Benjamin McGinty Knight of the Arts. He was calling to request the opportunity to escort me, his Queen, to the Renaissance Faire in Irwindale.



Sir Ben (the gentleman in chainmail in this photo) has served me well and is a true honor to have as one of my knights, so I couldn’t disappoint him.


Ever loyal and attentive to my needs, Sir Ben plans to procure a small legion of pages and subjects to accompany me as my Official Entourage. Rumor has it that at least one of my Princesses may also be in attendance.


You are welcome to hold court with me at the Faire on its closing day, Sunday, May 18. Unfortunately, Sir Atticus, the Royal Pup, will not be there, as he had more important doggy matters to attend to that day.