Let them eat cake!


Last Saturday I left my castle to attend one of the most important soirees in Pasadena this year- the Bloggers’ Picnic. Held in Sunnyslope Park, the event featured a picnic table loaded with food, a group of prestigious – and infamous – bloggers from the Pasadena area (many armed with digital cameras) and two dogs who were very happy to join you for a game of fetch.


It was wonderful to meet the faces behind the words and to swap thoughts in person. I’ll admit that most of the bloggers think much deeper than I, tackling political issues with aplomb, still, my voice is just as important, as what is life without a little fun?! 


I dared to offer my opinion of a few subjects, traded musical stories of days past with the irrepressible Aaron Proctor and shared advice on etiquette and other topics with the delightful Miss Havisham (with teacup in hand and bright yellow afternoon outing hat on her head). It was a good day.



Please enjoy these photos from the party- the entire group and me and Aaron sharing a laugh and a hug. Thank you, Miss Havisham for planning this most wonderous event and to all the Bloggers for showing up to share such a good time.


And the cake?  A proper Queen would never attend a picnic with something special~ this time it was cheesecake and a smile.

Hey! That Queen sure gets around!


I am so honored to be an envoy for the Light Bringer Project and Pasadena. Then there’s all the glamor and glory I am given in abundance from my loyal subjects. But your Queen does not pass her days soaking in tubs lush with bubbles, drinking champagne and nibbling on chocolates- heavens no! She has to meet your expectations, so she works out, gets sleep when she must and moisturizes. Plus she tries to appear at as many places she is requested… this weekend, though, is all fun.


You can meet me and watch me dance at:


Tequila Mockingbird’s
Club Fluffer
8 p.m. Friday, April 18
Performance: 11 p.m.
with Bonnie Delight Burlesque Review, Folk from Dick and Jane, Madame Pameta and Tequila Billy
Zero One Gallery
609 Olive St.
Los Angeles


Festival of Dancing Colors
Event: 2:30-6 p.m. Sunday, April 20
Performance: 2:48 p.m.
Cal State San Bernardino
Santos Manuel Student Union
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino
Lastly, put on your thinking cap and be justly rewarded. We are currently seeking a new name for my adventure series. As you recall I am not your regular Queen, but one who lives her life on the edge. In my series, I have shared the thrills of racing, swimming with sharks, flying a plane and learning to deejay with Art Laboe. Visit
and enter your suggestion. Deadline is April 20. The winner will receive a prize! Plus the honor of seeing their title at the top of all my thrill-seeking stories!!
Carry on, as you were!
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I command you to help!

As Queen of the 31st Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade I hearby call upon all my loyal subjects to defend my honor. My adventure column needs a new name, here’s the scoop:


Michelle Mills has gone swimming with sharks, flown a plane, learned to surf, deejayed with Art Laboe, attended Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp and raced around the Irwindale Speedway.


You’ve probably read the reports she’s written about all these daring and not-so daring exploits over the last four years.


We’re looking for a new name for this series of stories, and we’d like your help. Make a suggestion. If we pick the name you send us, we’ll give you a prize. If the winning name is nominated by more than one person, we’ll hold a drawing for that prize.


The deadline is April 20. Visit www.sgvn.com/michellemills


Now, carry on, as you were!

Atticus ~ California convertible dreaming


Hello dear readers,


My mommy, the Queen, has been super busy this week! It seems once you become royalty your dance card is always full, as they say… I know hers is.  In fact she’s going to be performing at two different shows next week. To find out more, visit www.mickieszoo.blogspot.com


As for me, I’m enjoying the warm weather because it means long drives in mommy’s convertible with the roof down. To clarify things, I don’t drive, I just stand with my paws on the dashboard and enjoy the wind in my face. I just wish mommy would drive slower so I could take in all those great smells!! The world is truly my oyster and, even though it sometimes smells fishy, most of the time it’s downright snifferific!


I hope you enjoy this photo of mommy and me parked at the Rock Inn on Mulholland Highway (I’m getting pretty good at this computer thing, huh?!) Oooo and watch for the announcement of my very special appearance at the upcoming Mount Lowe Hike with the Pasadena Museum of History in June!


Paws up,


Pasadena Museum of History bags Queen for soiree


OK, so it wasn’t really that hard for the Pasadena Museum of History to convince me to attend its soiree for the closing of its “The Purse and the Person” exhibit. They just mailed me a cute invitation… But being regal and all, I do have a pretty busy schedule… especially on a Friday night!


I threw on some of my favorite clothes, grabbed the purse that I posed with for the exhibit and enjoyed a sunny drive in my convertible with the top down. I was greeted warmly even before crossing the door and posed with some very nice museum members for photos.



Then I made my way through the foyer and out to the patio. There, Diane Siegel called out to the crowd that the Queen was in attendance and properly introduced me to my loyal subjects. Diane works at the museum and forwarded me these photos to share with you. On the patio, I enjoyed wine, cheese and other treats and chatted with all kinds of interesting people.


 I wandered back inside and took my time to look at all the purses on display- there were antiques, themed bags, designer totes and more. I sat down to watch the slideshow and spotted a lot of Pasadena VIPs, including actress Jane Kaczmarek, photographer Walt Mancini, chanteusse Janet Klein, the Duke of Doo Dah Prince Andrew and me!  Terry Miller had captured one of my wackier moments – me pretending to play my Flying V guitar purse! It wasn’t quite as dignified or sophisticated as some of the other photos, but it was true to form. And Terry, of all people, should know me well, as he’s one of my knights~ Sir Terence of Camera Obscura. Later, I met up with Terry and you can see us, plus Prince Andrew, having a little fun in the museum’s foyer. 



Other cool photos Diane captured were of me and Prince Andrew with Jeannette Bovard (in the lovely green sweater), the museum’s public relations person – she works hard, but she also knows how to party! And Diane let me check out her own purse by Solas. It lights up when you open it so you can find your keys in the dark… Awesome!


I’d like to thank everyone at the Pasadena Museum of History for allowing me to become a part of history… but don’t write the book on me yet, as there’s still more Queenly fun ahead!






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