Nellum Shot

USC sprinter Bryshon Nellum, the 2007 Gatorade national boys’ track and field athlete of the year, was shot in the legs three times Friday morning during a Halloween party, according to police.
Nellum was shot in the left thigh and right hamstring and underwent surgery Friday night at California Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles. Two bullets hit Nellum’s thigh and one hit his hamstring. Doctors said surgery was successful and were hopeful Nellum could resume his track career, according to USC track coach Ron Allice.
Nellum, 19, attended a party at Leonardo’s restaurant on Vermont Ave., a few blocks away from USC. Police said Nellum was shot near the conclusion of the party.
No arrests were made, according to Sgt. Robin Brown of the Los Angeles Police Dept. Southwest Division office.

Another Opinion

We asked Mitch Mustain what he thought caused the offense’s recent woes.
“It’s a lot of things, who knows?” Mustain said. “There’s big reasons, small reasons. It’s a tough one to answer, to be honest.”

Suggestion Box

Let’s say USC leads Washington 42-0 at halftime at Saturday. Can the Trojans do away with the nonsense of twoo weeks ago when Mark Sanchez needed to play the first series of the second half? Wouldn’t it better to give Aaron Corp a rare run out to get some quality snaps? Not to mention Mitch Mustain? And maybe Marc Tyler, who is healthy, could get in before the final six minutes.


If you have never gone to the USC campus before a football game, tomorrow is the one game to do it. There will be booths on campus featuring many of the USC sports teams, including women’s basketball, baseball, golf and track. Most booths will be between Tommy Trojan and Exposition Blvd.

High School Rally

In one of those great USC administrative decisions, last night’s Homecoming rally was not held outdoors. Instead it was held at the Galen Center. Check that, not even the Galen Center but one of its practice gyms. It had all the atmosphere of a bad high school rally.