Comedian Mort Sahl found

Mort Sahl, reported missing from his Claremont home Friday, has been found by detectives, officials said Saturday.

“He’s where he wants to be voluntarily,” Claremont Police Lt. Paul Davenport said.
Sahl’s wife told police Friday she hadn’t seen her husband since Tuesday May 6. They began a manhunt that included several interviews with Sahl’s associates.
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Comedian Mort Sahl missing from Claremont home *

Family members of comedian Mort Sahl have reported the 81-year-old Canadian-born actor missing, authorities said Saturday.

Sahl, who lives in Claremont was reported missing on Tuesday.
A Glendora man said he was questioned by police in connection with the case Friday night at his home. The man said he never met Sahl.
Claremont Police Lt. Davenport confirmed the investigation is ongoing. Davenport provided no particulars.
*Here’s more details from Lt. Paul Davenport of the Claremont Police Department:
“We took a report (Friday) early evening,” Davenport said. “He was last seen on May the 6th at that time he was with an acquaintance named Michael Willman. We sopke to a colleague of Mr. Sahls yesterday evening who had just spoken to Mr. Sahl on the telephone and was unaware he had been reported missing. He appeared to be where he was voluntarily. “We attempted to call him back, but until we speak to him directly we will continue to show him as a missing person.”
Davenport said there was no indication of a family dispute prior to Sahl’s disappearance. He said Claremont investigators were unaware of any illness that may have contributed to the disappearance.
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