Suspect Opportunity Motive … wrong victim

Ebony Huel found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and caught a bullet intended for somebody else, according to a story by Mary Gurton in Friday’s Star-News. The story ties up several elements of the case and brings in another link to the proliferation of “Sock on Mexican” attacks that have plagued Pasadena in recent months.
On Thursday, Gurton reported that the Underground Club where Huel was shot, lost its license — even though it never had one for late night parties to begin with.
BTW, the photo here is by Watchara Phomicinda, a great young photog on our staff.
Finally, conversation on the case continues in the local blogs and beyond

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Notes from friends of Chris Boo K. Lee

Since putting together a follow up story on the stabbing death of Chris Boo K. Lee, I have received several emails and phone calls from friends and family of Lee’s who want to share their memories of Lee.
Here’s a sampling from one letter sent Wednesday evening: (I’m keeping the writer anonymous and have edited this slightly)

Hello Frank, regarding your article today about Chris, it is good to know that your doing your job and made those names public. It is unfortunate to hear that the gangmembers that were arrested … were released for a reason I do not know yet. I am a very close friend of Chris and I can personally tell you that Chris was not a gangmember. … The last 7 years i have known him he has always been a good student, helpful to his family, and a very loyal friend.

In Wednesday’s article, homicide detectives said they were searching for an Arcadia teen identified as Paul Kim.
A former friend of Kim’s, who identified himself as “riceboy” sent a brief note as well:

yeah paul used to be my best friend till he became stupid

We are pushing for Kim’s mugshot to be released and any additional information detectives might have in the case.

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Police kill large rottweiler attacking smaller dog

A man walking his small dog found himself victimized by a loose rottweiler on South San Gabriel near Del Mar Thursday.
Few details are available, but it’s the second dog shooting in Pasadena this summer. Apparently this beast weighed more than 100 pounds and was primed to kill. The smaller dog survived the attack with puncture wounds, and was taken to a vet in shock

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“SOM” attacks in Pasadena draw attention

They are called “Sock on Mexican” attacks, and Pasadena has seen a huge rise in them over the past several months, officials are saying.
So what’s gong on? Pasadena police say it’s part of a gang initiation rite. The most recent reported attack occurred Tuesday near the AM/PM on Los Robles, Pasadena police Lt. Keith Jones said.
Several area bloggers, MALDEF and KNX have their own takes:
Aaron Proctor here.
Pasadena Pundit here. (scroll down several feet)
Urban Onramps here.
MALDEF here.
KNX (with a surprising lack of any attribution) here.
I think …

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Chinese web cops ready for action

This image released Tuesday Aug. 28, 2007 by the Beijing Public Security Bureau, shown is cartoon figures of ‘virtual police’. Police in Beijing said Tuesday they will soon begin patrolling the web using the animated beat cops that pop up on a user’s browser and walk, bike or drive across the screen warning them to stay away from illegal Internet content. (AP Photo/Beijing Public Security Bureau, HO)
In my opinion this photo looks more suited for Ruby’s Gonzales’ Anime blog. Sure looks friendly, so it must be harmless right?

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Williams family memorial

This came from Jan Williams, the mother of Neal and grandmother of Devon and Ian. The three were found dead Aug. 8 inside their Rowland Heights apartment.
Neal Williams’ wife, Man-Ling (aka Manling), is facing capital murder charges in connection with the case. She is set to be arraigned Friday morning in West Covina.
Here’s what Jan Williams wrote this a.m.:

A memorial service for all three of my handsome boys was held at the SkyRose chapel in Rose Hills on Thursday morning, August 23. The outpouring of support from the community has been deeply appreciated. If we have tried to mourn this terrible blow in private, I’m sure your readers can understand our feelings. I have lost 3 of people who made my life worth living. The Tsang family has also suffered a horrible loss. It is uncomfortable to wear a broken heart on your sleeve for all the world to see. The wound is raw -please let us heal a while in private. JW

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Questions, but no answers …yet

We know that Sheriff’s HQ people say 10 people were arrested in connection with the stabbing of West Covina resident Boo K. Lee in Rowland Heights on July 31.
What they haven’t detailed, and apparently won’t tell us, is the names of the 10 arrestees. Sheriff’s officials have consistently directed our reporter to their online inmate locator, which coincidentally only locates inmates with a name. The DAs office hasn’t been too helpful either; claiming they know nothing about the case.
Either some very dysfunctional byproduct of bureaucracy is at work here, or there is a reason for keeping the names of people who were arrested out of the press.
Is this right? Should we know the names of people arrested on suspicion of anything?
Or would releasing the names of suspected gang members somehow taint the investigation?
Do gang members even read the newspaper?
Even if they don’t read newspapers, wouldn’t they know if their friends and associates were arrested on murder charges?
These are the questions we been asking in the newsroom all day.
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Williams arraignment Friday

i-9f4451cbf6cc47ff2d83ea89d0ac88b3-manlingwilliams.JPG Arraignment is scheduled Friday for Man-ling (Manling) Tsang Williams, who is charged with capital murder for the slayings of her husband and the couples two young sons at the familys Rowland Heights home. We haven’t heard much about this case since her original arraignment was postponed.
Neal Williams’ family has been very reluctant to discuss the case and were very private about any funeral. We do know that both families participated in a service of some sort at Rose Hills last week.

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