Shooting reported at TGIF in Industry * **

A man was reportedly shot at the TGIF restaurant Thursday night about 10:15, according to reports coming in over the newsroom scanner.

Its not clear what led to the shooting, but apparently the man’s wounds are not life threatening. We’ll have more on this story tomorrow a.m.

Here’s the details from a Sheriff’s broadcast at 10:30 p.m. Thursday:

245 GS reported at TGIF 17427 Colima Road in Industry. Vehicle is described as a Ford F150 partial plate of 8A last seen west bound on Colima

Suspect one described as 415g in 20s 6’1″ 230 pounds wearing a white shirt and jeans armed with a black .22 handgun

Suspect two male hispanic in 20s heavyset wearing a black sweater slicked black hair

Suspects fired at victim and yelled “Puente”

*Two now detained at gunpoint on Eschelon in La Puente (10:36 p.m.) They are believed to be suspects in the shooting.

** Situation now “code 4” (10:40 p.m.)



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