Don Mattingly urges Dodgers pitcher Pedro Baez to pick up his pace.

Pedro Baez

Dodgers pitcher Pedro Baez takes an average of 32.1 seconds after each pitch to deliver the baseball. (John McCoy/Staff photographer)

While the pace of major league games has picked up on the whole this season, Dodgers pitcher Pedro Baez isn’t helping.

The right-hander is taking an average of 32.1 seconds between pitches to deliver the ball — the slowest rate among pitchers who have thrown at least 20 innings this season — which prompted Dodgers manager Don Mattingly to meet with Baez after Monday’s win over the Phillies.

“It seemed like 30 seconds between every pitch. That’s rough,” Mattingly said. “I said, ‘if you were playing third base, you’d be going crazy.’ It’s just tough on guys.

“To me it shows a lack of confidence in what you want to do. I’ve played behind guys like that. They walk around … you give the hitter a chance to think, let him settle down. Whatever count he’s in, everything kind of slows down.”
Baez walked two batters and allowed a hit in two-thirds of an inning Monday, which might help drive home Mattingly’s point.

“His tempo’s always been a little slower so you don’t try to force that,” the manager said, “but 30 seconds is a little over the top.”

Paco Rodriguez’s minor-league rehab is over, important meeting looms.

Paco Rodriguez

Paco Rodriguez’s rehab is over, and Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said the left-hander will rejoin the team Monday in Arizona. (Getty Images)

MIAMI — The Dodgers are getting one reliever (Pedro Baez) back tonight and should be getting two more (Brandon League and Paco Rodriguez) back soon enough.

Ian Thomas was optioned to Triple-A Oklahoma City to make room for Baez. League will pitch for the Triple-A Dodgers on Saturday and Monday. It’s not obvious whose spot League will take; the Dodgers might elect to return to an 8-man bullpen once League is activated.

The most interesting case, as it might be all year, is that of Rodriguez.

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