PCC Porn Professor arrested on suspicion of DUI

Hugo Schwyzer, PCC’s porn professor is in trouble again. This time its on suspicion of DUI. It follows an accident that Schwyzer claimed left an unidentified woman severely injured.
After the arrest, reporter Lauren Gold talked to Schwyzer. He said he’s sorry and shouldn’t be driving. jessicaDrake
You might remember Schwyzer invited porn queen Jessica Drake to speak to his class earlier this year. He also visited with James Deen, who is a PCC alum.
This past summer Schwyzer admitted to me that he had slept with students in his office on campus. That’s allegedly a violation of school policy that Schwyzer helped write.

OJ, Octomom, Porn Valley and Clark Rockefeller

Frank Girardot speaks to Allison Hope Weiner on Lip TV's Crime Time

Frank Girardot speaks to Allison Hope Weiner on Lip TV’s Crime Time

Allison Hope Weiner, of Crime Time and Media Mayhem on Lip TV interviews reporter and editor Frank Girardot about Octomom, James Deen, porn, pot, OJ Simpson and Clark Rockefeller.

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