OJ, Octomom, Porn Valley and Clark Rockefeller

Frank Girardot speaks to Allison Hope Weiner on Lip TV's Crime Time

Frank Girardot speaks to Allison Hope Weiner on Lip TV’s Crime Time

Allison Hope Weiner, of Crime Time and Media Mayhem on Lip TV interviews reporter and editor Frank Girardot about Octomom, James Deen, porn, pot, OJ Simpson and Clark Rockefeller.

Take a peek: Crime Time

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Octomom: “The human guinea pig”

This from the Associated Press:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Food and Drug Administration investigator says the fertility doctor who implanted embryos into “Octomom” Nadya Suleman was using an experimental procedure.

Donna Tartaglino Besone testified Thursday in Los Angeles in the state medical board hearing for Dr. Michael Kamrava. She says the doctor used Suleman as part of a human experiment on fertility methods.

The board is trying to revoke the doctor’s medical license, alleging gross negligence in his treatment of Suleman and two other patients. All 14 of Suleman’s children were conceived through in vitro treatments that Kamrava provided.

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Yum Yum: beer runs, drowning dogs, Octomom and a mental health task force at Caltech

Fish wrap for the afternoon:

Another Yum Yum doughnut shop targeted by 211 artists in Baldwin Park
Covina reports three arrests after beer run and short pursuit
Covina cop saves a dog from drowning
Octomom’s kids can’t be filmed for a while
Suicides among Asian students cause concern at Caltech
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Medical rescue underway at Octomom’s house *

Don’t know the details, but we’re hearing that paramedics have been dispatched to Octomom Nadya Suleman’s house in La Habra. Will fill in details as they come in…

*Update:  Apparently Suleman’s two-year-old has been taken to a nearby hospital, St. Jude’s to be exact. 
I just learned TMZ was first on the story, about an hour ago. Those dudes are good!
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Octomom might get a pet pig?

As weird as it seems, Octomom Nayda Suleman is thinking about getting a pig to entertain her brood of 14. Needless to say lots of questions have popped up in the newsroom regarding this story. (Like how many kids can a pig suckle anyway?)

Here’s the latest:

For a couple of years, the kids have been asking for a dog,” Suleman said. “I’ve actually been looking into a pig, like a little one.”

Suleman, 33, gained notoriety after giving birth to the world’s longest-living octuplets on Jan. 26 at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center. Suleman is single, unemployed and already had six other children younger than 8. She was supporting the family using food stamps, disability payments and student loans.

Since the news of her unusual family broke, Suleman has cashed in on her fame, selling interviews and photos for undisclosed sums.

She recently purchased a $564,000 house in La Habra and has been seen shopping for designer clothes in Los Angeles.

Suleman said if the family were to buy a pig, it would wear a diaper and live primarily outside because of the smell.

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Octomom update dujour

From Gloria Allred:

Attorney Gloria Allred and Angels in Waiting (AIW) will hold a news conference Wednesday March 25, 2009, at 1:00 p.m. at 6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500, L.A. to reveal the true facts about why Angels in Waiting is no longer providing supportive nursing care to Nadya Suleman’s octuplets and other children.

Neither AIW nor Ms. Allred will be available for comments today March 24.

The Dr. Phil show will be releasing a press statement today.

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Raul Roa’s postcard from La Habra


Photog Raul Roa has been camped in front of Octomom’s new La Habra digs in hopes of getting “the shot” of Nadya and two of her kids coming home from the hospital.

In the meantime, he’s blogging from the scene and sending a postcard or two like this one describing a “former journalist-turned child safety expert who spent all day long child-proofing the home “to the highest standards” for a cool $2500.”



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