That’s progress! Blank growlers sold, filled at another SoCal brewery

Another brewery has decided they are in the business of selling beer, not beer containers.

South El Monte’s Progress Brewing has been selling unmarked growlers, but it makes perfect sense to sell unmarked growlers when you’ve already had to change your name, and you haven’t even been open three months!

The brewery takes a pretty lenient stance on growler policy, and apparently will fill pretty much any clean container it can cap and label.

Our suggestion? Bring those unmarked or covered-up growlers to Progress Brewing, 1822 Chico Ave., and fill ’em up!

We’ve found another brewery willing to fill any growler

Over the past year, state code regarding growler refills has been re-examined, reinterpreted and redefined.

In June, The Bruery announced it would begin selling and refilling unmarked two-liter Palla-style growlers.

In October, AB 647 was passed, amending three items in the state’s beer manufacturing codes, among them being the labeling of growlers.

In November, Coachella Valley Brewing Co. noted it would begin filling any half-gallon or two-liter growler.

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Long Beach seeks to Lure Craft Breweries to city

Three council members want to see if more craft brewers can be accommodated in Long Beach.

An item placed on Tuesday’s agenda by Vice Mayor Robert Garcia, Councilwoman Suja Lowenthal and Councilman James Johnson asks for City Manager Pat West to report back in 90 days on the city’s licensing and zoning policies for micro-brews and brew production, engage the local brewing community and examine best practices in other cities, including San Diego and Torrance.

Long Beach currently has three “brewpubs”: Beachwood BBQ and Brewing and Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery downtown, and Belmont Brewing Co. in Belmont Shore.

–Staff Writer Eric Bradley

Coachella Valley Brewing Company makes bold growler fill policy

On Friday, Coachella Valley Brewing Company weighed in on the growler requirement debate with (in part) this bold statement:

As of today we will fill any 1/2 gallon and 32 oz growler.

Of course, if you have a brewery-labeled growler, the ABC rules stipulate that the existing logo must be covered, so be prepared to get a sticker or two on your growler.

And if you have an unmarked growler, you’re still going to get a sticker.

That being said, we think this is a big step in the right direction.

Click here for the full statement.

Coachella Valley Brewing Company is at 30640 Gunther St., Thousand Palms.

California’s craft beer growler issue may have solution in sight: Commentary


Grrr: Growlers and the storage issues they present are the bane of many craft beer fans.

Los Angeles County craft beer drinkers may soon raise their glasses in salute to a longstanding issue in the craft beer industry that could become a thing of the past.

Some county craft breweries will soon begin filling “non-native” growlers, providing a degree of relief to beer drinkers running out of storage space because they generally have little choice but to buy a growler from each brewery.
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