Torrance DIY Brew Works and Tasting Room seeks Planning Commission approval March 2


South Bay craft beer fans who fondly remember the days a decade or so ago of Hermosa Beach’s defunct Hamilton Gregg Brew Works, will no doubt raise a glass to welcome a likely successor on Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance: Zymurgy Brew Works & Tasting Room (Zymurgy, BTW, means the study of fermentation in brewing).

Here’s the concept, as explained on the company’s website and FaceBook page:

“Zymurgy Brew Works is not a brewery, rather a “Brewery On Premise” (BOP). We enable our clients to manufacture between five and 15 gallons of custom craft beer. Our primary focus is teaching clients to create a variety of different styles of craft beer for their personal consumption. The BOP will provide sanitary, state of the art facilities, professional brewing and fermentation equipment, space, raw materials, instructions and clean-up to members of the public who desire producing craft beer for personal consumption.

Zymurgy Brew Works is built around six self contained, fifteen gallon, brewing systems that customers will use to craft their beer. The brewing systems are “all-in-one,” all electric, highly efficient, extremely safe, and can be used by beginner and advanced brewers.

Prices will range from $250 to $325 per 15 gallon batch of craft beer, which includes the recipe, ingredients, coaching, equipment, bottles, the bottling/kegging session and four sheets of custom labels.”

Anyone who has considered the daunting task of home brewing knows only too well the pit falls of cleaning (or not cleaning) adequately, so concepts like Zymurgy help take the drudgery out of brewing.

The Torrance Planning Commission will consider approving a conditional use permit at its 7 p.m. March 2 meeting at City Hall, 3031 Torrance Blvd.

Brew Works was literally years ahead of its time, but it will be interesting to see whether the maturing, fast-growing craft beer industry can support the likes of Zymurgy today.

Craft beer tasting at California farmers markets? It could happen.

Infographic: California is America’s Craft Beer Capital | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Californians could enjoy beer alongside produce and wine at farmers markets under legislation headed to Gov. Jerry Brown.

The Assembly on Monday unanimously approved a bill legalizing beer tasting at farmers markets.

Democratic Assemblyman Marc Levine of San Rafael introduced AB774 following his successful push last year to permit wine tasting at the markets. Brown also signed legislation last year permitting craft brew sales at markets, but vendors say customers want samples before they buy.

Opponents of the bill have said booze doesn’t belong in a family friendly environment, but AB774 sailed through the Legislature without any votes in opposition.

Suds will not start flowing at markets this summer, however. The bill doesn’t take effect until 2016 if the governor signs it.

Long Beach adopts beer friendly laws to lure craft breweries to city


Long Beach Press-Telegram reporter Eric Bradley wrote about this last month and now the updated regulations have become municipal law.

“This zoning update will allow the City to capitalize on a fast-growing industry by using our existing assets – thriving commercial areas, unlimited inventory of existing building stock, and a regional reputation as a foodie destination – to their highest potential,” said Amy Bodek, director of Long Beach development services.

Opinion: Growing craft beer industry in South Bay and beyond seeks tax reform


What is becoming a major industry in the South Bay — created from virtually nothing just four years ago — deserves a tax break, according to advocacy group, the Beer Institute.

Read the op-ed piece that appeared in Sunday’s Los Angeles Newspaper Group editorial pages about the onerous tax burden beer brewers and consumers must endure here.

Video: Failed Budweiser Super Bowl spot poking fun at craft beer continues to backfire on social media

The response from the craft beer community is on-going and relentless: