Elizabeth Botello sounds off on bleacher life …

Please enjoy this post from our intern. I told you it would be good. By the way, I didn’t know what “PDA” means. If you need a quick lesson in urban dictionary, please let me know and I will provide the definition.
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The Official Hall of Fame All-Star Game thread (rosters inside) …

The East’s secondary is X-Rated

West Covina defensive back Xavier Tucker has a knack for intercepting the deliveries of opposing QBs.


Date: July 7
Site: Mountain View HS
Kickoff: 7 p.m.

It took a while for the organizers to get the rosters completed and mailed out, but here they are. The East has dominated the series recently, but I get the vibe that could change this year.
This is a great game for local football fans.
It’s played a little on the dirty side, which gets some people sour, but I kind of like it. There was a bench clearing brawl in the 2003 game and some ejections in the 2004 game. There is also a good rivalry going between the two territories, with the East feeling as though it’s jocks don’t stink and the West sporting an inferiority complex. The truth is probably somewhere in between and the games are always exciting.
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FYI … before planning your vacations …

Just know that Week 0 this year is on September 1.

Here are the games:

August 25
Bassett at Kealakehe, Hawaii (I wonder if the Trib will send me?)

Aug. 31
La Puente at Ontario

Sept. 1
Los Altos at South Hills
Bishop Amat at St. Paul
Diamond Ranch at Edison
Pioneer at Gabrielino
Workman at Mountain View
Beckman at Azusa
Schurr at Rowland
Walnut at San Gabriel
Chino Hills at Mission Viejo
Riverside Poly at Damien
Diamond Bar at Temescal Canyon
Gladstone at San Dimas (that’s right, Gladstone is playing twice)
Does anyone know if G-Stone is playing The Dimas or Ganesha?

Sept. 2
Western Christian at Villanova

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2006 Damien football schedule + analysis …

Sorry to use this photo again, but you won’t see this game anymore … it’s noticably missing from Damien’s schedule

I must say that Damien games are a pretty exciting event. There’s usually an overflow crowd and “The Pit” provides a student cheering section that’s second to none. Just don’t tell any of them that they have more of a soccer crowd vibe than football. Whatever, it’s still the best student cheering section in the area.
Just thinking about Damien football harkens memories of a jarring experience for yours truly last season. As media, we sportswriters like some form of red carpet treatment. Is it deserved? Probably not. But we still like it. Anyway, I arrived at the Damien-Los Altos game last year and pulled up to a few gentlemen working the “reserved/preferred” parking area directly behind the home stands. I told them who I was, showed my press credential and boom, I was soon parked conveniently close to the stadium.
Fast forward, oh I don’t know, to a few days later for the Bishop Amat game. I do the same maneuver, only this time when I get there, I am told I can’t park there. I know what you’re saying, “You need the walk, Aram” … it’s true, I do, but just prior to a Friday night lights session is not the time for me to aerobic walking.

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We have a celebrity in the casa …

Thank you for posting, Reg!

Reg Miller, for those who don’t know, is the local TV magnate when it comes to prep sports coverage in the SGV. He produces, anchors, hosts, and whatever else you can imagine, a bunch of Adelphia sports productions in the area, that include prep games of the week and “A Local Sports Show” which I am lucky enough to make appearances on.
Thank you for joining this blog, Reg. I hope you contribute often and lets us know what you think about all that you see.

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Locals in the Shrine Game …

When was the last time Glendora had a player in the Shrine Game?

Congrats to Glendora’s Brandon Bryan for making it. In a roundabout way, this puts Glendora football on the map. Brandon is a great kid and was also a very solid basketball player for the Tartans’ marquee sports team.
This kid just doesn’t lose jump ball situations on the football field. He goes up and gets everything, as evidenced by this picture. It doesn’t make sense why college recruiters haven’t figured that out.

The game is June 24 at Citrus College. Kickoff is 7 p.m.
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