All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 1

Yes Darren, you’ve done enough to be No. 1 now.

1. Bishop Amat (1-0) — Got the Valley back some much-needed street cred.
2. Monrovia (0-0) — ‘Cats need wins and style points in the eyes of many.
3. Charter Oak (0-0) — Road trip to begin season vs. Big VIII team.
4. West Covina (1-0) — Defense as advertised in win over Covina.
5. Chino Hills (1-0) — Simko tosses 5 TD passes in Huskies debut.
6. La Mirada (1-0) — St. Paul win was Mats’ best since ’09 CIF title game.
7. Damien (0-0) — We’ll see just how far Sparty has come against O-Lu.
8. La Habra (1-0) — Handled business vs. El Dorado, now must stave off La Mirada.
9. St. Francis (0-0) — Heavy favorites to put Arcadia in a world of hurt on Friday.
10. La Serna (1-0) — Got the expected rout of hapless Rancho Christian team.
11. San Dimas (1-0) — Got lifetime of experience in how to win the close ones vs. Bonita.
12. Ayala (1-0) — Took care of business vs. D-Bar, now big test comes in Monrovia.
13. South Hills (1-0) — Fuzz Era starts with nice road win over Colony.
14. San Gabriel (1-0) — Easy win over hapless Animo team. South Pas will be better test.
15. St. Paul (0-1) — Very concerning start to the Asante Era.
16. Cantwell (0-0) — Heckuva challenge to start on road vs. Whittier Christian.
17. Diamond Ranch (1-0) — Defense was stingy in second half of Chino win.
18. Rio Hondo Prep (1-0) — Arcadia win could be one of best in Drains’s storied career.
19. Bonita (0-1) — Have to bounce back from cruel loss in order to beat South Hills.
20. Los Altos (1-0) — Run game doesn’t appear to have missed a beat despite grad losses.
21. El Monte (1-0) — Lions spared local media a lot of grief … at least for a week.
22. Northview (1-0) — Has to feel good for Vikes to rout somebody.
23. Maranatha (0-1) — Minutemen are on short leash this season.
24. Whittier Christian (1-0) — Back from Mammoth trip with easy win. Here comes Cantwell …
25. San Marino (0-0) — Titans served notice last season and could be surprise team.

If ass kissing were an Olympic sport, we’d have several SGV peeps vying for the gold medal this morning …

This is just awesome. What a day for the Saturday morning quarterbacks …

Kennedy Bryant said:

All the Amat haters show some respect, you gotta give the Lancer faithful their props. That was a very very impressive win over Servite. I dont care if Servite is down this year, it’s Servite. Having said that as I said earlier on the all encompassing top 25 after seeing Amat and Damien they were both better than advertised. To Joe Amat and all the other Lancers enjoy that great win. Good luck in week 2


GP-Crow tacos said:

I said, if they won…I would eat Crow.

BA lancers #1 in the SGV this morning!

I was there, and got a good look at the lancers. They remember last year, and boy did they play a near perfect game. While we were all talking, Bishop Amat Coaches and players had a quiet confidence. The key to this game was Carillo, and DJ Daniels and #60 the nose guard…the RBs converted some “Down your Throat” yards. That little NG whipped Servite My only concern is “depth”. Servite only had success against the back ups, when they starters were cramping.

BA had 5 10-15 yrd 80 yard drives…I’m done, picking on BA…They have players, coaching and work ethic. I spent about 1 hr tailgating. I had a good time a keifer… It’s like going to a football Carnival.

I got a football education last night. No one executes like that around here.


Fred Robledo

No one could have predicted with any certainty what Amat did to Servite last night. Except for some early penalties, it was a complete game in every way imaginable. I said on the two-minute drill if Haynes had the type of game that could give him confidence, it could set him off the rest of the season. He was much more in control and confident than the few games I saw him last year. He has an arm and he’s smart, he made lots of good decisions. I thought Amat mixed up the run and pass much better than last year. Blue is going to be a beast and Darren Andrews is a game-changer. But you have to give it to Amat’s defense. They flew to the ball and and barely gave up anything rushing, except on big runs by Servite’s QB on broken plays.

This is why you go with Amat as No. 1 in the area, they might not always win these type games, but they have a better chance of pulling it out than anyone else, and have proved it over the years and again in 2012.

The area games against Chino Hills, Charter Oak and St. Paul are completely different. This time it’s Amat playing with the bulls-eye, the loose feeling it had in a nothing-to-lose game against Servite should favor CHills, COak and St. Paul.

It will be interesting to see what type of energy Amat brings against the Huskies, Chargers and St. Paul, but I will say this, the team I watched last night felt like a group that loves playing with each other. You don’t always need six, seven, or eight D-1 players to be good, you can be good playing great together. If you don’t believe that, just look at what little old Rio Hondo Prep did to Arcadia last night.

Week 1 is next….C’mon West Covina, it’s your turn to take down Loyola.

Aram’s take: I’m very happy for the true Amat fans, i.e. AMAT73 and Joe Amat, but for the rest of you, please chill on the bandwagon jumping and apologizing. Between Fred’s veiled apologies and attempts to reckon with himself on how he picked against the Lakers Amat, and hardened Amat detractors now praising the Blue and Gold, it’s getting pretty thick. I’ll say the rest of what I want to say on Tuesday’s show. Be ready.

Chino Hills WR Jack Austin (ankle) status unknown for Friday showdown against Bishop Amat …

Boise St.-bound receiver Jack Austin’s status is uncertain for next Friday’s showdown against Bishop Amat.

The Chino Hills standout rolled his ankle in Friday’s win over Arlington in practice earlier this week. The Huskies won on Friday 41-20 behind 232 yards and five touchdowns from QB Matt Simko.

Aram’s take:
The Huskies gotta have Austin vs. Amat, but I think we all know that.

Blame Bonita, not Turner for this Smudge Pot loss …

There’s nothing anyone can tell Bonita High School running back ReggieTurner right now, so just shut up.

Turner is feeling the pain from his late fumble that three plays later lead to San Dimas scoring the go-ahead touchdown and crucial extra point for a 37-36 win in a stirring renewal of the Smudge Pot on Thursday night at Citrus College.

Bonita had rallied from a 23-0 deficit in the first half to go on a 36-7 run and lead 36-30 with just under three minutes to play with the ball at their own 10-yard line.

The Bearcats likely needed only a first down or a good Brandt Davis punt to pull off one of the most epic comebacks in one of the most epic games in one of the area’s most epic rivalries.

Then, Turner fumbled.

And anybody who’s seen his or her share of football knew what was coming next. And it did, in the form of an Andrew Espinoza 10-yard touchdown run with two minutes to play. Erick Ware booted through the extra point and the Saints were on their way despite some late Bonita attempts to steal the game back.

Turner was inconsolable after the game. He probably still is today. He probably will be 10 years from now. But the loss, wasn’t his fault. Not that he’ll want to hear that.

The loss was nobody’s fault but Bonita’s. Not Turner. Not the the long snapper who sent the ball over Davis’ head on Bonita’s first punt attempt, which resulted in a safety. How big were those two points when it was all said and done?

Nor was it the fault of the coaching staff, which when down 23-0 decided to go for two and got it, but when trailing by 22 mere minutes later decided to the kick extra point. There’s really no difference between a 22- or 23-point deficit. But the decision to not go for two again proved big. How big would that point have been in a 37-36 loss

It’s cliche, but nobody loses a game for a football team. A football team loses a game for a football team. Bonita learned that lesson on Thursday night.

That’s what football is. It’s a potpourri of mistakes. The winner is the team with the fewest mistakes and the one with the most points. They’re typically one in the same.

“We made one less mistake than they did,” San Dimas coach Bill Zernickow said after the game. “That’s all it was.”

Were the Bearcats the better team? Well, they were good enough to go on a 36-7 run and bad enough to give up a 23-0 run.

Turner and his teammates are feeling the sting of what happens when you risk in life and lose in a cruel manner. It’s a feeling they’ll no doubt experience again later in life, be it in another football game or something else.

Turner was in the game after returning from injury, but few will remember that because of what happened next. But anybody who really knows what happened on Thursday knows this painful loss for Bonita runs deeper than one man and one play.

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Game Preview: San Dimas High School quarterback Josh Avila couldn’t ask for a better or more difficult spot to make his debut as the Saints’ new signal caller. Avila, a junior, will make his first start in today’s Smudge Pot game against rival Bonita at Citrus College. Kickoff is at 7 p.m. “We would hope so,” Bonita coach Adrian Medrano said when asked whether his defense will try to rattle Avila early. “We would hope to rattle any quarterback we play against, but he (Avila) looked good in the scrimmage and looked like he managed the offense pretty well.

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