Maranatha hires Pete Karavedas as new football coach

Maranatha High School named Whittier Christian defensive coordinator Pete Karavedas as its next head varsity football coach on Tuesday afternoon.

Karavedas spent the past four seasons at Whittier Christian, the last three as defensive coordinator, where he was part of a very successful run, that culminated with the Heralds finish last season 12-2 and reach the championship game of the Mid-Valley Division.

He replaces Joel Murphy, who resigned in January after compiling a 47-16 record in five seasons at the school.

“What I’m looking to do is take everything I’ve learned at Whittier Christian and bring it to Maranatha,” Karavedas said. “My goal has always been to become a head coach and when this opportunity came up, my eyes got wide because I knew it would be a good place to begin my career.”

Karavedas, 26, inherits a program on the rise thanks to the return of quarterback Andrew Elffers, who was dazzling as a sophomore and figures to become one of the top quarterback recruits on the West Coast over the next two seasons.

Elfers threw for 3,328 yards and 37 touchdowns as Maranatha finished 8-4 and reached the second round of the Mid-Valley Division playoffs.

“As a new head coach, it’s nice to be able to walk into a situation where you have the No. 1 sophomore quarterback in Southern California,” Karavedas said. “I got to coach against him last season, so I know. He passed for 330 yards against us. We’re going to build our offense around him for the next two years.”

Karavedas was a finalist for the Temple City job last season before pulling out toward the end of the process to remain at Whittier Christian.

Maranatha had contact earlier this month with South Hills coach Steve Bogan about the position before Bogan opted to remain at South Hills.

Aram’s take: Like it! Coach K was definitely ready for a head job and it looks like he’s stepping into a great situation for himself and the school, given his experience at a Christian school.

UPDATED: Sources: San Dimas assistant Mark Holman looking like front runner for Wilson job ….

UPDATE: I spoke to Montebello coach Pete Gonzalez on Sunday and he vehemently denied have any interest in the Wilson (or Los Altos) job.

San Dimas assistant coach Mark Holman has emerged as the front runner to become the new head coach at Wilson, according to multiple sources.

Sources also said that Workman coach Scott Morrison rebuffed overtures from Wilson. Holman was a final candidate for the Wilson job two years ago before the Wildcats decided to go with Brian Zavala, who resigned after two seasons.

Aram’s take:
This is the one time I’m questioning my sources. I don’t doubt that Holman is in the running, but I don’t quite think it’s the done deal that my sources say. So, I’m gonna call Holman the front runner and nothing more than that, at this point. Sources also say that Montebello coach Pete Gonzalez has shown interest in the Wilson. Gonzalez could also emerge as a candidate at Los Altos.

“Mike the Clone” weighs in on Glendora coaching situation …

As most know, my rants haven’t been about Pasqy as a person. Hands down Mark is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. But it’s the game plan between the lines that I often disagreed with. Some of the things we would see in the stands just left you shaking your head. (yeah I know now I sound like those bonehead parents at Wilson in the blog)

I think he is right about being burned out. He just wasn’t creative as time moved on, just predictable every game day. “Predictable Pasqy” I heard him called once in the stands. And as you know I refer to call him as “Marty” as in Schottenheimer. He’ll get you to the race but will he win the race? Guess not! The last couple of years even the hard-line “button wearers” knew what the next play was going to be. Hell even the water girls on the opposing team knew what he was going to throw at ya!

Pasquarella is a good coach who will win you league titles, But wait, I thought the goal was to win CIF titles. You see the diehard “button wearers” accept league titles I personally want the brass ring. The big daddy! The whole enchilada! But here at “Bagpiper U” league titles are the big thing. You win leagues titles and your Kirk Gibson going deep off “Eck” and your bonus is pizza for life down at Round Table. Imagine the Steelers saying “Ahh, we lost the Super Bowl, but hey we won our division”……Say What?

I wish him well, He’s a great guy. I’m sure he’s tired of hearing jerks like me ragging on him about what goes on down on the field.

As far as a replacement, whomever it is has got to clean house. The Lewallen’s, gone SEE YA! Lawrence time to go back to Damien SEE YA!, Vaniman well…. hit the pavement shall I go on? These guys can’t get the kids up to their potential. Quit bringing back Glendora guys because Pasqy is all they know. Complacency breeds complacency.

Personally, I think Strycula has some miles left in him. You can’t ask his defense to be on the field all the time and perform miracles. But the rest, show them the door. They are part of the problem. We need new ideas, fresh blood, mix it up, quit being so damn predictable.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATED UPDATE: The race to replace Pasqy: Here’s my list …

UPDATE: D-Ranch coach Roddy Layton says no interest in Glendora job.

UPDATE: Adding new coach to potential list. See Steve Garrison below … AND FOR ANOTHER UPDATE.

Before Mark Pasquarella showed us what we all knew about the potential of Glendora’s football program, the Tartans head varsity football coach job wasn’t as coveted as it is now. So, with Pasqy stepping down, there should be plenty of interest from all over to be the man in charge of The Pride of the Foothills. Some say it’s a one-man race, others, i.e. me, think it may not be that easy. Here’s what I got for good potential. I have no clue if any of these coaches will apply, but let’s have some fun with it.

Steve Garrison: UPDATE: Garrison is no longer an assistant at Damien, he’s actually on staff at San Dimas now coaching tight ends and special teams. I want to thank Robledo for reminding about this one. Garrison really coveted the Glendora job and went for it when Pasquarella got hired. If Coach Garrison is itching to be the head man again somewhere, Glendora would probably be at the top of his list. If Glendora can’t open a teaching position, you can move Garrison right to the top of the list because he’s used to teaching at Monrovia and commuting east along the foothills everyday for practice. Garrison’s body of work at Monrovia speaks for itself and Glendora would be score big time if it got him.

Brandon Rohrer:
Robledo and his sources seem to think Rohrer, a Glendora grad, is the overwhelming favorite. Sounds plausible as Rohrer has done a solid job at La Puente and even has a former Tartans legend on his staff in ex-QB Jacob Crook at LP. But going from LP and the Montview League to Glendora and the Baseline League is a big leap. And would the current veterans on Glendora’s staff want to take orders from somebody half their age? I don’t have the numbers, but I have to think that Rohrer would be the youngest coach in the entire Inland Division. Rohrer’s hiring would usher in a very new era, if it happens. It seems fitting, but it would be a very, very bold move by Glendora’s administration if it happens.

Bill Zernickow:
Coach Z had a pretty legendary athletic career at Glendora as a student. He’s probably done all he can at San Dimas. So wouldn’t it make sense if he takes an even bigger challenge at his alma mater? And with a defensive coordinator like Brian Mustain at his side, those two could more than handle the challenge of stepping up into Baseline League and Inland Division.

Dominic Farrar and Roger Lehigh:
Glendora is just right over the hill from Charter Oak and there’s no doubt that Farrar and Lehigh know just how fruitful the Tartans program can be. But it’s probably longshot since both have designs on staying at CO The Godfather retires. Still, though, if contacted, I think both would listen.

Mike Mooney: Glendora basically is what Temple City used to be, but on a larger scale. So who better to handle the lay of the land than a coach like Mooney? He got a raw deal at San Marino and (almost) everybody knows it. From what I can tell, there are people in high places throughout Glendora’s upper echelon with Temple City ties, so that makes Mooney’s case even better. Does Mooney want to get back into coaching at the high school level? I don’t know, but obviously the situation would have to be right.

Roddy Layton: Yes, Layton is entrenched at Diamond Ranch where he’s become an almost iconic figure, but the Pomona school district isn’t known as one of the worst around for no reason. So, why not try something new if you’re Layton? We all know Layton likes to play the big boys, whether D-Ranch is a big boy itself or not. At Glendora, Layton would be to play against the Baseline League and Inland Division, which is chalk full of coaches and programs he knows quite well. A longshot, sure. But intriguing nonetheless.

Steve Bogan:
I thought there may be something to this, but I called Coach Bogan, whose reaction was “I think they should talk Mark into staying. He’s a great coach and an even greater human being.” Bogan went on to stay that he’s not interested and that he’s come to the realization that South Hills is definitely the place for him.

Jim Arellanes and Brian Zavala:
Yes, it’s a real longshot. But when Arellanes and Zavala were together at Northview, they did some good things. These two are both young. Arellanes knows offense and Zavala knows defense, and they both want back in eventually. So why not here? A packaged deal, no matter who it is, isn’t likely given the current state of teaching jobs, but if somebody at Glendora wanted to gamble, hiring these two could pay off nicely.

Scott Morrison:
Personally, I’ll be stunned if Morrison isn’t coaching at Wilson or Los Altos next season. But, I think his past experience having coached against Glendora puts him in the mix if he does apply. Morrison knows the area well having been at Damien and could use that to his advantage. Like I said, I think Morrison’s next stop is elsewhere in the HLPUSD, but this is a thought.

Brian Mustain: As I said in the Mooney comment, there are Temple City ties in high places at Glendora Unified. So Mustain will be well-known to the powers that be and he certainly has only strengthened his resume while at San Dimas under Coach Z. Mustain has head coaching experience before, so if he applies, he has to be in the mix.

Glendora football coach Mark Pasquarella resigns …

Glendora coach Mark Pasquarella (far right) resigned Thursday after eight seasons

Glendora High School football coach Mark Pasquarella resigned on Thursday after a successful eight-year run, that included three consecutive Sierra League championships between 2007-’09.

Pasquarella said multiple things factored into his decision, including burnout, family and the opportunity to pursue a chance to become an administrator.

“I kind of think I need a break,” Pasquarella said. “I don’t know if I need a break from being a head coach, I still feel like I can still coach, but I just don’t know if I have the energy to be a head coach at this time.

“In hindsight, I probably did it about a year too late. I was thinking about doing it after last year when we had won three championships in a row. That would have been a good time to go out, but with the league change and (star quarterback) Chad Jeffries coming back for his senior year, I was sitting on it and sitting on it, and it just got to the point where it was too late to do anything.”

Glendora’s football program had been dormant prior to Pasquarella’s arrival in 2003. The Tartans had last won a league championship in 1994, but quickly became one of the area’s most consistent winners under Pasquarella, who finished with a record of 55-33 in his eight seasons.

Glendora started this past season with a 4-1 record entering Baseline League play, but an injury to Jeffries hurt the team’s chances and the Tartans ultimately finished 5-5 and missed the playoffs.

“If you think back to where Glendora was when we took over, then to us ruling the roost for a little bit, we had a good thing going,” Pasquarella said. “The best thing about it is that I think I’m leaving the program in a better condition than it was when I got it.”

Pasquarella was at Damien prior to taking over at Glendora in 2003. Before that, he was the first football coach at Ayala upon its opening in 1990 and led the Bulldogs to three CIF championship games.

Pasquarella’s first head coaching job came at Covina for just one season. Prior to that, he was an assistant at Northview and South Hills, where he coached under Jack Nemzek, who he credits with teaching him most of what he knows.

“He was pretty pivotal in my development as a coach and about preparation,” Pasquarella said. “He was the first coach I coached under and I was with him for six years.”

San Diego St.-bound Glendora QB Chad Jeffries on Pasquarella’s resignation:
I was kind of shocked at first because we had the banquet and he didn’t announce anything there and I thought he was going to come back another year. He was a player’s coach. He would talk to us and try to understand us, and get in our minds and see how we felt about everything before we actually did it. He helped me a lot. All the camps I went to, like the Nike Camp and the Elite 11 camps, he told me about all of that. He always helped me out with different stuff on the field and helped me out with recruiting.

Tribune Player of the Year Chris Solomon makes ESPN Top 150 list for Class of ’12 …

Congrats go out to West Covina’s Chris Solomon, who made the ESPN 150 list of top recruits for 2012. Solomon is listed as a safety prospect on the list. He also plays running back, which is pretty much what won him Tribune Player of the Year honors as a junior last season.

Aram’s take: My take is what’s your take? Do you think Solomon is a D-1 running back? ESPN has him as a safety, which is basically saying he made the list because he’s an athlete. If you watched closely last season, Solomon truly was outstanding on defense.

Sources: San Marino to hire Mike Hobbie (Who?) as next head coach …

Mike Hobbie, who was recently head coach at Roosevelt High in Fresno for four seasons, is expected to be named the new head coach at San Marino next week, according to multiple sources.

Hobbie was once the offensive coordinator University of South Florida, believe it or not, and has been at Roosevelt since 2007 where he has gone 26-19.

San Marino principal Loren Kleinrock did not confirm the hire in an email requesting confirmation, but did say that the school’s verbal offer has been accepted, without saying who accepted it, and that a final decision won’t be made likely until Feb. 21 following San Marino’s next school board meeting.

Hobbie will replace Mike Mooney, who resigned as both football coach and assistant principal toward the end of the first semester after being placed on administrative leave in the middle of last season.

Aram’s take:
Looks like a pretty good hire for the Titans. If you’re wondering why a guy who is doing pretty well up in Fresno would want to come down here and compete in the Rio Hondo League, well, my sources says he’s got family here. Just rememer, Bill Redell was reportedly on the San Marino hiring committee.

Los Altos fires Jim Arellanes after one season …

Los Altos High School fired head varsity football coach Jim Arellanes on Tuesday after just one season at the school.

Arellanes was hired last March to replace Felipe Aguilar, who resigned after two seasons. The Conquerors went 0-10 this past season and Arellanes was relieved of his duties after several meetings with school officials due to the program’s lack of direction based upon clear expectations, according to a statement put out by principal Cheli McReynolds.

“Obviously, I am very disappointed and disagree 100 percent with the decision,” Arellanes said Tuesday night. “This decision was coming from the same people who asked me three different times to apply for this job last year after I turned it down two previous times.

“It was unfortunate because we felt we had made very good strides over the last month and half, since we started our offseason program.”

Arellanes’ firing combined with the recent resignation of Wilson coach Brian Zavala leaves the Hacienda-La Puente Unified School District with openings at its two most-storied football schools.

Arellanes, who graduated from El Rancho and played quarterback at Fresno St. before three seasons with the Rhein Fire in NFL Europe, was previously the head coach at Northview where he went 21-22 in four seasons.

“Our focus was not wins or losses, but a passionate ownership of the entire program, a strong commitment of time to our students and the building of relationships with all players, staff, coaches, parents and the community,” McReynolds said in her statement.

Los Altos has fallen on hard times following the resignation of former coach Greg Gano in 2007. Gano won four CIF championships in 10 years at the school. Prior to that, Dwayne Despain won seven CIF titles in 33 years.

Los Altos hasn’t had a winning season since going 8-5 in 2006. Arellanes will keep his teaching job through the remainder of the school year.

Full statement from Los Altos principal Cheli McReynolds: As of today, Jim Arellanes has been removed as head coach of the Los Altos HS football program. This decision was made after several meetings focused on the current state of the program and the lack of direction based upon clear expectations. Our focus was not wins or losses, but a passionate ownership of the entire program, a strong commitment of time to our students and the building of relationships with all players, staff, coaches, parents and the community. We would like to thank Jim Arellanes for his efforts but we strongly believe this is in the best interest of our program. We will begin the search for the next head coach of Los Altos High School immediately.

Statement from Los Altos AD Steve Garcia:
It definitely was not based on wins and losses. If it was wins and losses, you would have probably seen on Nov. 11 we would have had a coaching change. Jim went through the yearly evaluation process and had multiple discussions and the steps to get things to where we want them to be and where these kids, I won’t say should be, but where we want them to be, that process wasn’t where we were going. More than anything else, it’s a difference in philosophies in where we needed to be and how we needed to get there.

Aram’s take: Score another for my sources, but I still just don’t get it. More on that later …

Chew on this …

Oaks Christian coach Bill Redell is on the hiring committee at San Marino High School as the Titans search for their next head coach. Redell is a graduate of San Marino High, so I guess it makes sense in terms of loyalty.