Antonio “Noodles” Hull denied ALL eligibility at Diamond Bar, meaning NO JV GAMES …

I guess good ole CIF got a looksy at the D-Bar vs. South Hills scrimmage video posted on this blog last night and saw that Noodles took part. Evidently, that’s a no-no. It seems that Noodles is not eligible even for scrimmages OR junior varsity games this season.

So, it appears that one of the area’s top talents will be relegated to simply practicing with his team. Meanwhile, in other news, all three transfers that left San Gabriel after head coach Jude Oliva resigned are eligible (Garcia at West Covina, Mayorga at San Dimas and Valenzuela at Keppel). Also, Kurt Scoby is eligible at Monrovia. We’ll see what happens with Jake Payton at Bonita.

Thank God for this “athletically motivated” rule. I know, I know, “it’s a case-by-case basis” … but the bottom line and the big picture, of course, RARELY make any sense.

Just another reason why football needs its own governing body. It’s an absolute joke that Noodles is ineligible for the entire season given all the other stuff that’s gone on. Hopefully, more and more people see that now.

Carry on with your day …

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