New All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 heading into Week 5 …

St. Francis ready to rock in M-Town.

1. Bishop Amat (4-1) — St. Paul only satisfied masochistic Amat fans.
2. Chino Hills (4-1) — Averaging nearly 42 points per game.
3. St. Francis (4-0) — Pulled away late from a decent Damien team.
4. La Habra (4-1) — Overall, a solid nonleague showing.
5. Monrovia (4-0) — Got revenge in style vs. South Hills.
6. Glendora (4-0) — Cardiac Tartans getting it done late.
7. Los Altos (4-0) — Had a bye to scout D-Ranch.
8. Diamond Ranch (4-1) — Very well put together team.
9. La Serna (3-2) — Beat Westlake, lose to Norco. Same as ’12.
10. Diamond Bar (4-1) — Bonita win showed something.
11. Santa Fe (3-1) — We’ll see what’s up vs. Chaparral.
12. Bonita (3-2) — Has to hope everyone takes turns in league.
13. South Hills (2-2) — Counting days til Alex Powell is eligible.
14. Muir (3-1) — Opened league with easy rout of Hoover.
15. Ayala (2-2) — Looks awfully dangerous in Sierra.
16. West Covina (2-3) — Sloppy offense better get going.
17. Whittier Chr. (3-2) — No match for Salesian.
18. Arroyo (3-1) — Could be looking at 9-1 season.
19. Damien (2-2) — Hung with St. Francis for a while.
20. San Dimas (1-4) — Ready to get on a roll.
21. Rio Hondo Prep (4-1) — Bye week to prep for the Prep.
22. San Marino (3-1) — Averaging 57 points per game.
23. Pomona (5-0) — Hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record.
24. Northview (4-1) — Could still finish 9-1.
25. Baldwin Park (4-0) — Opens VVL with Nogales.

#Scoby3000: South Hills hoping to put clamps on Scoby … 2,388 needed for 3,000


Scoby’s yards to date: 612
History: 142 yards vs. Ayala
287 yards vs. Arcadia
183 yards vs. San Dimas
Needed for 3,000: 2,388
This week’s opponent: South Hills
Games left: Seven regular season + playoffs.

South Hills coach Albert Rodriguez on stopping Scoby: “I could live with giving him 90-100 yards, but we just can’t give him that huge night. With a back like Scoby, you’re not realistically thinking you’re going to shut him down. What you want to do is contain him and keep him bottled up. You don’t want him to have a 300-yard night on you.”

NEW All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 going into Week 3 …

Amat Super Sophs set to own the Valley for next three years.

1. Bishop Amat (3-1) — Proved Valley supremacy once again.
2. Chino Hills (3-1) — Defense can’t stop air, but the offense is too good
3. St. Francis (3-0) — Trounced La Mirada. M-Town showdown looms.
4. La Habra (3-1) — Got reality check against Mission Viejo.
5. Monrovia (3-0) — Sans QB Potts, ‘Cats worked hard to beat SD.
6. Los Altos (4-0) — Perfect still, but many question schedule strength.
7. Glendora (3-0) — Two OT wins … now here comes Charter Oak.
8. La Serna (3-1) — Knocked off Westlake once again. Impressive.
9. Bonita (3-1) — Worked harder than most expected vs. Claremont.
10. South Hills (2-1) — Can they beat Monrovia in M-Town?
11. Santa Fe (3-1) — Got handled by Santiago, but hey …
12. West Covina (2-2) — Nobody can slow CH right now.
13. Diamond Ranch (3-1) — Opens league with West Covina. Nice!
14. Whittier Chr. (3-1) — Got humbled by St. Margaret’s.
15. Diamond Bar (3-1) — We’re about to find out about Brahmas.
16. Muir (2-1) — Hung a 70-spot on Verdugo Hills.
17. Charter Oak (0-3) — Are they still favored over Glendora?
18. Ayala (2-2) — Proving to be a quality team.
19. Damien (2-1) — Will get tested for class vs. St. Francis.
20. Arroyo (3-1) — Better strength of sked than Northview.
21. Northview (4-0) — Huge showdown with San Dimas looms.
22. Rio Hondo Prep (3-1) — Righted ship after Mission Prep loss.
23. Pomona (4-0) — Looking to end years of futility vs. Covina.
24. Baldwin Park (4-0) — Wins keep rolling in.
25. San Marino (2-1) — Averaging 54 points per game.

St. Francis THUMPS La Mirada … Mats now 0-4!!! La Serna does it again to Pac-5 Westlake

St. Francis found the paint early and often against La Mirada on Thursday.

La Serna 38, Westlake 35 — The Lancers blew a big lead (35-14) but scored late to beat Pac-5 Division Westlake for the second consecutive season. Wowza! Looks like Frankie Football and crew are gonna be a force in the Southeast Division playoffs AGAIN.

St. Francis 49, La Mirada 20 — Things go from bad to worse for the Matadores as they are now 0-4!!! Color me shocked as I thought St. Francis was a doable opponent for La Mirada. Instead, Knights QB Ty Gangi went off and Jimmy Bonds’ boys are now 3-0 … that Monrovia showdown cannot come fast enough. PHOTO GALLERY

Gladstone 28, El Monte 14 — First win of the Citos Marinez era at Gladstone. El Monte takes a step back after taking a step forward last week.

Baldwin Park 48, Ganesha 26 — The Braves are the turnaround story of the season. Now 4-0 under second-year coach Chris Williams.

Scoby3000: Kurt Scoby is well on his way to a 2,000-yard season, but what about 3,000?


Monrovia running back has played in two games, carried 30 times and has 429 yards. Spread that out over the course of a 10-game season and Scoby goes for 2,140 yards. But let’s say Monrovia plays 15 games this year … a safe estimate given their division and what happened last year. Then it’s entirely possible he goes for 3,000 yards.

Several factors are involved, though …

– Will Wildcats Ryan Maddox keep feeding Scoby the ball in blowouts? Thirty carries in two games so far ain’t much … so probably not.
– Will Darione Jones’ return from injury cut into Scoby’s carries? He benefits now … but maybe later he won’t.
– Will Scoby stay healthy? All of this crazy talk depends upon Scoby staying healthy and running back is a vulnerable position.
– Will Monrovia play 13,14,15 games? The longer the season goes, the better Scoby3000 looks.
– Will South Hills and St. Francis put the clamps on Scoby? Those two teams could all by themselves eliminate the chance at 3,000.

Big Lou knows his Chargers better be on their best behavior on Friday at Kiefer …


The luster might be off of Charter Oak-Amat in terms of records, but come on, it’s still CO-Amat! Big Lou vs. Colonel Steve. Public vs. Private. Championship Program vs. Flagship Program.

And Big Lou Farrar knows his team can’t be making mistakes like they did in the first two weeks against Amat, which figures to throw a much tighter performance on Friday than what fans saw vs. Rancho. Nonetheless, Big Lou knows Amat is no joke. And that it all begins with QB Koa Haynes for Amat.

“They have an outstanding quarterback,” Farrar said. “He’s just a great all-around kid, not just a quarterback. We’ve known the kid for a while, too. And he’s just a great kid.

“They’re a very good football team. I mean, they’ve got the best kids around playing for them. They can be very selective and we take the best kids that come our way. That’s basically the difference.”

New All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 after Week 2 …

Northview football is BACK!

1. Bishop Amat (2-1) — Own worst enemy in loss to Rancho.
2. La Habra (3-0) — Not No. 1 because opponents’ records is 1-8.
3. Chino Hills (2-1) — Tesoro opens door for huge season.
4. Monrovia (2-0) — Whipped Arcadia, should do the same to SD.
5. St. Francis (2-0) — Huge test coming vs. hungry La Mirada.
6. Los Altos (3-0) — Wondering how Conqs will do in rugged Hacienda.
7. Glendora (2-0) — Rallied to beat Bonita. Look out now …
8. La Serna (2-1) — Narrow loss to Los Osos is only blemish.
9. Bonita (2-1) — Played Glendora tough. This team is still for real.
10. South Hills (2-1) — Back to being the Kings of Cameron.
11. Santa Fe (3-0) — The forgotten Del Rio/Southeast contender.
12. West Covina (2-1) — Another Sierra beckons in Chino Hills.
13. Whittier Chr. (3-0) — Handed Whittier its first “0″.
14. Charter Oak (0-2) — Two losses by a combined 9 points.
15. Ayala (2-1) — Only blemish is competitive Monrovia loss.
16. Diamond Ranch (2-1) — A blown 16-pt lead away from 3-0.
17. Diamond Bar (2-1) — Simply ran away from San Dimas.
18. Muir (1-1) — Hanging hat on decent showing vs. Alemany.
19. Northview (3-0) — Tough run defense, tough run game. Nice.
20. Arroyo (2-1) — Handed La Puente a reality check.
21. La Salle (2-1) — Two easy wins since Cathedral loss.
21. Rio Hondo Prep (2-1) — Bounced back in style vs. Big Bear.
22. Damien (1-1) — Not sure how Palm Desert was/wasn’t.
23. Pomona (3-0) — Yet another x-factor in Valle Vista.
24. Baldwin Park (3-0) — The turnaround story of the season.
25. La Mirada (0-3) — Hanging by a thread at this point.