Damien, D-Ranch beware: Pomona hires Rice …

Robledo’s blog has the story from the Bulletin about Anthony Rice being hired. I know you’re shocked … just like you’ll be shocked when San Gabriel promotes Jude Oliva to head coach. Actually, I think that Rice being at Pomona will have a very profound impact elsewhere. Here’s why …

Aram’s take: … Let’s say Coach Rice gets P-town turned around, does that mean that D-Ranch takes a hit? And what about the disgruntled P-town athletes that might find their way to Damien to play for Coach Gano? And what about the P-town talent that has sometimes found its way to Bonita? See what I’m saying? If Pomona is a winner and all that talent stays home (so to speak), then yes, this will have an impact elsewhere. Carry on with your day.

Is Schurr’s Aaron Cantu the best QB in the SGV?

Some time this summer, The Fat Man is going to make an all-encompassing list of the 10 best QBs in the SGV. That’s not just Trib land. It’s the Pasadena and Whittier areas as well. The 10 VERY BEST QBs in the area entering the season. I will form my opinion by what I see this spring and summer. If there’s a kid who’s a brand-new starter and I think he’s good enough, he’ll be on the list. This isn’t just about returning starters. But YOU CAN HELP me get a jump by giving me a heads up right here and right now. A sort of push on who to look for.

You can’t argue with 2,500 yards and 28 TDs.

So far I’ve got 2,500 reasons why Schurr stud Aaron Cantu might be the man in the SGV under center this coming season. But hey, it might be Glendora’s Chad Jeffries. It might be Rudy’s kid Rio over at Amat. It might be Arroyo’s Steven Rivera. Or it could be Charter Oak’s Travis Santiago. Then you’ve got Rowland’s Michael Ball and Monrovia’s Nick Bueno. All Bueno did was lead his team to the finals as a junior. And what might Ball have done had he not gotten hurt? And La Habra’s Cody Clements might just be the best of the lot.

You do the math on Cody Clements … 2,095 yards + 29 TDs = 13-1 record.

Aram’s Final Four to replace Anthony White at TC …

The following is my opinion of the four candidates Temple City should strongly pursue or consider. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA if any of these guys are A. Looking for a new gig and B. Interested/going to apply at Temple City. I’m just doing my best to give back to my alma mater, even though it wants no piece. Too bad! If I had to endure two years of Spanish under Senor ApRoberts, then you have to endure my takes. (Special thanks to Senor ApRoberts for passing me when we all know it could’ve gone either way.) …

Here’s the buzz: TC’s next coach must re-institute the shaved-head policy.

In no particular order …

Brian Mustain — I was absolutely horrified when I saw pics of TC’s practices last August and the kids had HAIR!!!! Are you kidding me? Shaved heads used to be mandatory on all levels for Temple City football. Mustain would change that. I know he would. OK, anyway, now might be the time to strike while the iron’s hot for Coach Mustain. The job he did with San Dimas’ defense led directly to a CIF title. Can his stock be any higher than it is right now? Probably not. Mustain knows the drill at TC having played there. Aram’s vibe: If Mustain wants it, he’s got it.

Brian Zavala — Zavala is currently the coach at Wilson, but don’t tell me he wouldn’t jump for a chance to coach where he played. Like Mustain, Zavala knows the TC history well. There’s absolutely no indication that Zavala is even interested … but this would be about as perfect a fit as Mustain. Interestingly, though, I don’t think Zavala or Mustain ever coached at TC. I could be wrong, and if I am I’m sure some caring commenter will correct me. Aram’s vibe: Zavala’s interested. He’d also make them shave their heads.

Scott Morrsison — I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again, Coach Morrison’s personality fits TC perfectly. He’s already coached at a big-time school like Damien. He runs a tight ship, which is something Temple City prides itself on. Discipline. Fundamentals. Grit … all the reasons why Aram was not a good Temple City football player. But that’s why Morrison would thrive there. Anyway, I don’t understand what all the criticism of Morrison is about. He’s a very good coach. Aram’s vibe: I can already hear all the TC honks now, “But he’s not one of us!” What in the name of Bill Donner is going on around there? You already ran off two of you (Mooney and Backus). Well maybe not you, but the people who represent you. I think Morrison is looking and TC should be so lucky. He’d also make them shave their heads.

Erick Escamilla – What Coach Escamilla did at South El Monte speaks for itself. From what I hear, Coach Escamilla is looking to put the big headset on again. Look, the guy gave South El Monte some of the best seasons the Eagles will probably ever have. So why couldn’t he at the very least keep TC locked in that range of good, but not great? Aram’s vibe: Coach Escamilla will get a long look.

Anthony White resigns as Temple City coach …

Anthony White has resigned from Temple City after one season to become the next head coach at Buena Park. White, who replaced Randy Backus, went 5-4-1 and missed the playoffs in his lone season.

White graduated from Rosemead and played at Utah. He had assistant coaching stints at PCC, Wilson and Rosemead under Matt Koffler before Temple City gave him his first head varsity job.

Aram’s take: My poor alma mater. First Mike Mooney leaves for San Marino, then half the city council goes on trial and now one of the area’s hottest young coaching commodities jets after one season. I don’t blame White. He lives in Buena Park, so it makes sense. Plus, he joins the Fullerton school district, which is supposedly lucrative as school districts go. So where do the Rams go from here? Spring ball is nearing. Spring passing league is nearing. And now the administration is scrambling for a replacement. Fortunately for them, there are a lot of good names out there.

Hello from Carson … yeah, I did it …

Special thanks to tommyeats.com for the photo.

I’m down in Carson to cover Amat’s playoff game vs. Lawndale. Yeah, I know, Lawndale isn’t in Carson. But it’s close enough to give me an excuse to try Five Guys Burgers and Fries. If you’re ever in Carson, I suggest you stop by. This was my first time. Dude at the counter asked me “Did you want double meat?” and I said “I think we both know the answer to that.”

Also, keep checking back to see not only if I lived, but also because I expect to have to some very interesting news for you soon.

Covina ’10 schedule … are the Colts on the verge again?

Sept. 3 at West Covina
Sept. 9 Gladstone
Sept. 17 El Monte
Sept. 24 at Walnut
Oct. 1 at Northview
Oct. 8 Wilson
Oct. 15 at Nogales
Oct. 21 Baldwin Park
Oct. 29 Pomona
Nov. 5 at San Dimas

Aram’s take: We all remember how good Covina was the last time I was patrolling these streets. I’ve heard rumblings that the Colts might be ready to put together another good team. As far as the sked, you have to point to that Sept. 24 game at Walnut to be the real test as to whether this team is for real. Also, concluding league with BP, Pomona and then San Dimas is just plain brutal. If the Colts can’t get through that stretch with at least one win, they can probably forget about the playoffs.

Calling all SGV QBs, Clarkson Camp at Rose Bowl Feb. 27 …

What: Steve Clarkson’s Dreammaker QB Tour stops in Pasadena on Saturday, Feb. 27. There’s a free symposium (I have no idea what that means either) for parents and kids on Feb. 26 at the Westin in Old Town Pasadena at 6 p.m. in the Fountain Ballroom.

Star attractions: Former USC and current NFL QBs Matt Leinart and Matt Cassel will be helping Clarkson on Saturday at the Rose Bowl.

Local angle: From what I hear, a few SGV QBs will be participating and I’m hoping more will join soon. If you know of any, please leave a comment here. There will also be five of the nation’s top QB recruits will be participating.

More info: Visit Clarkson’s site for more information and to sign up for the tour. Participants can range between 6th and 12th grades.
Matt Leinart will be there. Will you?

South Hills ’10 schedule … good luck, you’ll need it …

Week 0 – Corona Centennial (scrimmage)
Week 1 – at Baldwin Park
Week 2 – West Covina (Thursday)
Week 3 – at Tesoro
Week 4 – Monrovia (Thursday)
Week 5 – at Los Osos
Week 6 – Damien
Week 7 – at Ayala
Week 8 – at Chino Hills
Week 9 – Claremont
Week 10 – at Charter Oak

Aram’s take: How can South Hills be expected to play that nonleague schedule, then step up and hang with CO, Damien and Chino Hills in league? And then win a playoffs game in a challenging new division? Look, I respect Coach Bogan and the Huskies program to the hilt. But I have to be honest here — this has to be the most brutal schedule of any local team. I’ve even said to Coach Bogan that I hope he’s good in the trenches because he’ll have to be to survive the new league, especially after playing that nonleague. I give Coach Bogan credit for taking on such a challenging slate, but I have a feeling the Huskies have bitten off more than they can chew (cheap pun, I know). South Hills had better be as good on both lines as “The Scouting Guru” thinks they are.

Nogales names Sebastian Hernandez head coach …

Nogales’ new football coach is Sebastian Hernandez, a Servite grad and most recently the defensive coordinator at Norte Vista. Hernandez also had stints as an assistant at Servite and Corona Centennial.

Hernandez is 32 and lives in Pomona. He played free safety at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, N.Y.

Hernandez replaces Vito Saracino, who was let go by the school after going 3-17 in the past two seasons. The Nobles will be joining the Valle Vista League after playing in the soon-to-be defunct San Antonio League since it was formed in 2002.
Here’s what I got out of him ….

Hernandez on what he knows about the SGV: I grew up in Whittier. I was actually a Whittier Redskin back in the day. I have some family ties in La Verne. Growing up, I remember Nogales always being a powerhouse.

Hernandez on Nogales moving to the Valle Vista League: I know the re-leaguing makes it appear like things might be easier, but the league we’re going into has its talents. San Dimas is second to nobody. There are some legitimate teams in that league. The competition level is there and we’re going to rise to the occasion.

Hernandez on his style: I’ll just say I take my cues from Coach Logan at Centennial. You’ll see more receivers than they’ve had in the past. They were running the double wing recently and I don’t do that. Defensively, I’m not going to give too much away about that. We’ll be aggressive and opportunistic.