Sources: Mooney weighing whether to take San Marino job …

Some of you will say thanks for telling us what we already know. To them I say nobody likes a smart*ss. Anyway, this is more for my east-of-the-605 and New York readership. Mike Mooney is considering taking the vacant San Marino job and has sent out feelers about a potential coaching staff should he decide to do it, according to sources.

Mooney’s strong run at Temple City is well documented and he also had a big influence at San Marino in recent seasons as an assistant to D.R. Moreland, who resigned last week to further his education.

Mooney, who played at USC after graduating from Temple City, is currently an assistant principal at San Marino.

Aram’s take: Thanks a lot, Temple City. Here’s the guy who should still be your coach weighing whether to take the San Marino job because that school somehow found the wisdom to let him do both. Meanwhile, Temple City is coachless and exhausting every method to open some type of teaching position to get a coach in there before kickoff against Arroyo in September. As a sportswriter, I’m hoping Mooney decides to take the gig because he’d be great to have in the area again as a head man. And one last thing, I brokered the Mooney-Gano peace accord at CIF offices in 2006. It’s still one of my biggest accomplishments in life.

11-on-11 in May? You go Baldwin Park!!!

Answer to my wishes, really. BP and Walnut going at it twice under the lights in May! Thank you, thank you, thank you

Here’s the reasoning from coach James Heggins. And why Roddy Layton no likey.

And for you ‘Dena-area folks, here’s what St. Francis’ Jim Bonds, Muir’s Ken Howard and San Gabriel’s Jude Oliva think about it.
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D-Ranch ’10 sked: The Week O game is … is … is ….

… is Santa Margarita. Mission Viejo didn’t materialize. Here’s the schedule in its entirety. Post it on your fridge.

Week 0: at Santa Margarita (Saddleback Coll.)
Week 1: Damien (oh man, I can’t wait)
Week 2: Elsinore
Week 3: at Chaffey
Week 4: Diamond Bar (should be interesting)
Week 5: at Walnut
Week 6: at Rowland
Week 7: BYE
Week 8: at Los Altos
Week 9: West Covina
Week 10: at Bonita

Aram’s take: I’m down for a less-daunting nonleague schedule for the Panthers. Santa Margarita and Damien are great games and certainly doable from a winning perspective. Don’t know much about Elsinore and Chaffey. The Hacienda League schedule is great. At Rowland should be epic. West Covina with some marbles on the line in Week 9 followed by a roadie to face Dangerous Eric Podley and the Cats is interesting. Yes, that Week 10 trip to Bonita is a landmine. And for those of you who want fodder — check this, D-Ranch schedules 14 pregame meals with 14 different restaurants. Presumptuous? Yes. But have they ever had to cancel? What an awesome program.

Here’s your coaching vacancy update …

Bassett — Word is they were down to five guys, didn’t like any of them for whatever reason and now they’re back to Square 1. Again, this is just the word on the street.

Northview — Looks like we’re waiting for defensive coordinator Marcel Perez to say yes or no. If he turns it down, I guess another in-district employee would be the target. Maybe someone from Covina?

Workman — Last I heard they were down to three, all local names many of you would know. Of course this was about two weeks ago that I heard this and then nothing’s happened since. I think something happened with the school due to some state test results earlier this month. Does anybody know about this? I’ve even heard that they might shut the school down it was so bad and send the kids elsewhere. Like I said, I’m merely spitting fiber here from what somebody said. But if anyone can clarify, please do.

Temple City — Last I heard was the school is trying to do whatever it can to create a teaching position to get somebody in there.

San Marino — The more I think about D.R. Moreland’s resignation, the less sense it makes. The timing of it just raises red flags. This is pure conjecture at this point, but it’s odd to see a coach resign to further his education a month before spring ball. Usually those circumstances would happen in November or December. I’m positive there’s something to this. What it is, I don’t know. Anyway, this is still fresh so it’s hard to say what the school is doing to fill the opening. No truth to the rumor that school officials were showing Mike Mooney property on Lombardy Road over the weekend.