Pasadena, WHERE ARE YOU??? Muir needs your support!

This guy can’t do it alone. Granted, he has been. But still …

The attendance at Muir football games has been lacking and that needs to end this week. The Mustangs are 11-1!!!! The Mustangs are in the semifinals of the Southeast Division playoffs!!! And yet the visiting crowds have been bigger than the home crowds the past two weeks.

This is inexcusable. Pasadena is a huge city. It’s Thanksgiving weekend and a lot of people will be back in town. None of you are doing anything that exciting with your Friday nights anyway, SO GET OUT AND GIVE THIS TEAM THE FAN SUPPORT IT DESERVES!!!

(Then pick up a Star-News the next morning to read all about it.)

EXCLUSIVE: Video of Muir standout Dejon Williams’ second taunting penalty … THIS IS RIDICULOUS …

UPDATE: The referee who threw the flag has informed CIF he will not rescind his decision and Williams is officially suspended for Friday’s game.

Why is this so important? Well, this was Williams’ second taunting penalty, which resulted in him being ejected and now suspended per CIF rules for Muir’s next game. The rule is that any ejected player is automatically disqualified from competing in his team’s next game. As you can see, Williams points for a nanosecond AT THE PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE FENCE. He wasn’t taunting anybody. And to throw this flag and potentially cost one of the best players around a quarterfinals game is RIDICULOUS. CIF cannot rescind an ejection, though. Only the referee can do that. So whoever you are, sir, it’s time to call CIF and squash this.