Citrus Belt League 2015-16 winter all-league teams

Finally posted, all of the Citrus Belt League all-league teams for winter 2015-16

2016 Citrus Belt boys basketball-2

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Citrus Belt League wrestling results

Citrus Belt League wrestling results

At Yucaipa HS

Top 4 advance to CIF-SS Northern Division at Santa Maria HS


106 lbs:

1. Jacob Ponce (Yucaipa)

2. Nicholas Jimenez (Citrus Valley)

3. Jose Perez (Cajon)

4. Corey Johnson (Redlands East Valley)



1. Wilmer Ardon (Carter)

2. Marcos Viscoso (Miller)

3. Seth Spargo (Caj)

4. Joseph Chavez (REV)



1. Anthony Torrez (Caj)

2. Mark Avila (Car)

3. Jeremiah Cabrera (REV)

4. Genaro Sepulveda (Y)



1. Jonathan Palafox (Car)

2. Anthony Loera (Y)

3. Brandon Mendieta (Caj)

4. Jamie Najera (M)



1. Alejandro Raya (Y)

2. Kenny Maust (Caj)

3. Miguel Flores (M)

4. Marcos Aguirre (Car)



1. Juan Heredia (Car)

2. Nathan Barragan (Y)

3. Robert Castaneda (Caj)

4. Gustavo Ortiz (M)


1. Eric Serrano (Car)

2. Peter Nguyen (Y)

3. Alexis Carrillo (Caj)

4. Sam Pineda (M)


1. Anthony Becker (Y)

2. Salvador Mancia (Caj)

3. Adrian Rios (Car)

4. Rafael Machado (REV)



1. Johnny Lomeli (Caj)

2. Tyrone Hitchens (REV)

3. Thomas Rippy (Y)

4. Santos Flores (Car)



1. Sean Brown (Y)

2. Steven Ardon (Car)

3. Daniel Saldana (CV)

4. Jeremy Figueroa (M)



1. Josh Loomer (Caj)

2. Arick Lopez  (Y)

3. Jacob Lopez (Car)

4. Eddie Vazquez (Redlands)



1. Michael Johnson (REV)

2. Keaton Nacsin (Caj)

3. Gabriel Mena (CV)

4. Joe Lanier (Y)



1. Joseph Patterson (Caj)

2. Connor Haskell (Y)

3. Eddy Trujillo (M)

4. Celestino Lewis (Car)



1. Jonah Nugent-Gomez (CaJ)

2. Jesus Morales (Y)

3. Robert Nunez (Car)

4. Landon Bierman (Redlands)

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Redlands East Valley boys soccer wins fourth consecutive CBL title

Redlands East Valley 2, Yucaipa 0 >> Jonathan Garcia and Alec Hooper each scored a goal for the Wildcats (21-2-1, 12-1) off an assist from Nick Perez. REV
The Citrus Belt League victory over the Thunderbirds results in the fourth consecutive league championship for the Wildcats.
Redlands East Valley will play at 3:15 p.m. Wednesday against Citrus Valley, who is currently second in the league standings.

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Citrus Belt League football wrap-up and final thoughts

The regular season is over, and the fairly unpredictable Citrus Belt League ended Friday without major surprises:
The scores on the final night:
Redlands 28, Carter 15
Cajon 61, Miller 26
Redlands East Valley 53, Yucaipa 17
Citrus Valley 58, Eisenhower 0

So, here are the CBL automatic entries for the playoffs, in order:
1. Cajon (9-1, 6-1)
2. Redlands East Valley (8-2, 6-1)
3. Redlands (7-3, 5-2)
Wild card probability:
4. Yucaipa (7-3, 4-3)
5. Carter (7-3, 4-3)

When there were some upsets and surprises, I wondered at the end which games would come back to haunt teams?
It seems Carter’s 20-18 loss to Yucaipa will haunt them, keeping them from making the playoffs. On the other hand, it’s the game that gets Yucaipa into the playoffs.
The other is REV’s 37-17 loss to Cajon. Of course Cajon deserved to win that game, but REV obviously didn’t play its best. Against each of the other 3 teams in the playoff hunt in the CBL, REV had a better result, for what that’s worth. Regardless, it’s certainly a game REV would rather have back, but it didn’t keep the Wildcats out of the playoffs.

One thing that struck me from the Redlands-Carter game I was at. Carter turned the ball over 3 times and in each instance, it was a team effort from Redlands. Twice Carter QB Sonny Robison was stripped by one defender and the ball was recovered by another. In the interception, it took one defender to deflect the ball from intended receiver Marcus Strong and a second defender intercepted it. Impressive job by the Terrier defense.

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Citrus Belt League playoff scenarios

Here’s the nitty gritty. In the crazy CBL, what happens when each possible combination of game results happens.

The games: Miller (2-7, 1-5) at Cajon (8-1, 5-1)
Redlands East Valley (7-2, 5-1) at Yucaipa (7-2, 4-2)
Redlands (6-3, 4-2) at Carter (7-2, 4-2)
Standings reflect how teams would go into the playoffs. Top 3 are automatic. 4th place has good shot to get wild-card spot. 5th place is out.

Scenario 1:
Cajon wins
REV wins
Redlands wins
1. Cajon (6-1), 2. REV (6-1), 3. Redlands (5-2), 4. Yucaipa (4-3)

Scenario 2:
Cajon wins
REV wins
Redlands loses
1. Cajon (6-1), 2. REV (6-1), 3. Carter (5-2), 4. Redlands (4-3)

Scenario 3:
Cajon wins
REV loses
Redlands wins
1. Cajon (6-1) 2. 3-way tie between REV, Redlands, Yucaipa (5-2) requiring coin flip.

Scenario 4
Cajon wins
REV loses
Redlands loses
1. Cajon (6-1), 2. Yucaipa (5-2), 3. REV (5-2), 4. Carter (5-2)

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Citrus Belt League spring all-league teams

It doesn’t appear that these Citrus Belt League all-league teams were posted before so here they are:
2015 Citrus Belt League baseball2015 Citrus Belt League softball

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Pitcher Skie Munoz sets Redlands High strikeout record

Redlands’ Skie Munoz recorded 10 strikeouts while pitching a 7-inning complete game no hitter against Carter High, 4-0, on May 6.

Munoz’s 10 strikeouts gave her 228 strikeouts on the season and breaking the program’s single season strikeout record, according to Terriers softball coach Brandon Ford.Redlands Softball
The record was previously held by Kim Bruins, who reached 227 strikeouts in 2009.
Munoz had 14 strikeouts against Carter in the 11-2 victory on May 7 to improve her season total to 242 strikeouts.
Munoz will be attending Long Beach State next season.

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VIDEO: Yucaipa softball downs REV 4-1 on Senior Day

VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Yucaipa softball downs Redlands East Valley, 4-1.

VIDEO: Yucaipa senior Brooke Bolinger talks about winning on senior day vs REV.

VIDEO: Yucaipa senior Annie Bakenhus talks about beating REV.
VIDEO: Yucaipa senior Jordan Green talks about winning on senior day to clinch a share of league.
VIDEO: Yucaipa softball coach Dave Kivett talks about the step up in competition and beating REV.
VIDEO: Redlands East Valley coach Debbie Garcia talks about miscues that led to a 4-1 loss to Yucaipa.

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Citrus Belt League releaguing proposal deserved consideration

Earlier this week, the Citrus Belt Area, held its releaguing vote with few changes.

But there was a radical idea on the table, from the Citrus Belt League. The Citrus Belt League’s proposal, which Miller athletic director John Romagnoli said finished third, would’ve had a 10-team “conference” with an East Division of the three Redlands schools, plus Yucaipa and Riverside Poly, and a West Division of Cajon, Carter, Miller, Eisenhower and Oak Hills.

While the 10 teams involved might not have been ideal, I think the idea deserves consideration. It would almost be like it used to be in the High Desert with Mojave River and Desert Sky Leagues, two leagues that were five teams before Adelanto High opened.

But the MRL-DSL deal only provided for cross-scheduling with teams on their bye weeks. What the CBL proposed (probably not necessary to include in the releaguing vote) would’ve been to have a championship game between the two divisions. The last week of the season the No. 1s from the two divisions would face each other, and so would the No. 2s, and so on.

I think it’s an idea before its time, but I think it’s an intriguing one. It would cut down on the number of league games now in the eight-team league, and cut down travel in league and keep schools with similar demographics playing against each other. They could still schedule the other “division” but wouldn’t be required to except for possibly the bye week.

Why were there few changes? First, there were no new schools to incorporate into the area, which includes schools from Riverside County and San Bernardino County east of the I-15. The only change, according to San Gorgonio athletic director Matt Maeda, was moving Indio Shadow Hills from the De Anza League to the Desert Valley League. They are being replaced in the De Anza League by Thermal Coachella Valley, which is coming from the Desert Valley League.

There had been talk that several schools might look for relief, including Miller, which has struggled in recent years in the Citrus Belt League.

“We talked about it, but we don’t want to just be thrown into another league,” Romagnoli said. “The last time we did this, they talked about putting us in a league with (Moreno Valley) Vista Del Lago.”

Romagnoli said ideally, if Miller would move, it would be to a league where they would have some natural rivals, like the Sunkist League.

But the Sunkist wasn’t looking to expand.

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