All Citrus Belt League baseball, softball and boys volleyball

1st Team
MVP – Ryan Williams 12 Redlands East Valley
C – Zachary Grande 11 Cajon
1B - Anthony Ochoa 12 Eisenhower
2B - Joseph Ortega Rodriguez 9 Redlands East Valley
3B - Hunter Reade 11 Yucaipa
SS – Zachary Kirtley 12 Redlands East Valley
SS - Breyer Gayle 12 Yucaipa
OF – Tom Lerouge 12 Yucaipa
OF – Casey Sheehan 12 Redlands East Valley
OF – Michael Tillman 12 Redlands
P – David Barela 11 Redlands East Valley
P – Blake Tuthill 12 Redlands East Valley
P – Joey Chapman 11 Yucaipa
P – Matt Acosta 12 Cajon
P – Jerad Davila 11 Yucaipa
UTL - Noah Jones 12 Cajon
UTL - Alexis Castillo 10 AB Miller
UTL - Isaiah Bernal 12 Eisenhower
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Citrus Belt League track and field results

This should be all the CIF-SS qualifiers from Thursday’s Citrus Belt League track finals. I believe Yucaipa, Miller and Cajon are Division 1 and Redlands, Redlands East Valley and Eisenhower are D2. Those with lines through them did not make qualifying mark for their division. I believe in only one event, the girls high jump, did a fourth-place finisher qualify for CIF-SS prelims.

100: 1. Elijah Lilly (Cajon) 11.32, 2. Ahmed Amaar (Redlands) 11.40, 3. Arick Cohen (C) 11.41.
200: 1. Arick Cohen (C) 22.64, 2. Michael Watkins (Miller) 22.83, 3. Tyler Collins (Redlands East Valley) 22.89.
400: 1. Tylor Richie (M) 50.38, 2. Brandon McDowell (Eisenhower) 51.10, 3. Jojo Bailey (Yucaipa) 51.82
800: 1. Xolan Brown (Red) 1:57.18, 2. Chris Gray (REV) 1:59.42, 3. Andrew Humphries (Y) 2:00.62.
1600: 1. Andrew Humphries (Y) 4:31.67, 2. Garrett Dycus (Y) 4:36.02, 3. Christian Sharp (REV) 4:37.20
3200: 1. Thomas Durham (Y) 9:48.82, 2. David Hughes (REV) 9:55.28, 3. Curtis Durham (Y) 9:56.27.
4×100 relay: 1. REV 42.95, 2. Yucaipa 43.41, 3. Cajon 43.98.
4×400 relay: 1. Miller 3:23.81, 2. REV 3:24.89, 3. Cajon 3:31.01.
110 high hurdles: 1. Malik Flowers (M) 15.46, 2. Eduardo Cintron (C) 15.56, 3. Ricardo Cintron (C) 15.59.
300 intermediate hurdles: 1. Elijah Lilly (C) 40.31, 2. Eduardo Cintron (C) 40.53, 3. Malik Flowers (M) 41.34.
High jump: 1. Jahvad McDermott (Red) 6-6, 2. Markelle Harris (E) 5-10, 3. Trak Daniel (Y) 5-10.
Long Jump: 1. 1. Cardell Palmer (Red) 21-9, 2. Johnny Lomelli (C) 21-1 1/4, 3. Jonathan Clark (REV) 20-8 3/4
Triple jump: 1. Javhad McDermott (Red) 46-0 1/2, 2. Jonathan Clark (REV) 41-8 1/2, 3. Thiyree Moore (E) 40-9.
Shot put: 1. Simione Aluesi (M) 54-8, 2. Kyler Burt-Dillman (Y) 49-11 3/4, 3. Mathew Cuthbert (Y) 47-1 3/4,
Discus: 1. Simione Aluesi (M) 141-8, 2. 2. David Matapula (M) 133-3, 3. Kyler Burt-Dillman (Y) 128-2

100: 1. Margaux Jones (Red) 12.33, 2. Erica Wadell (Y) 12.77, 3. Tanika Stephenson (Mil) 13.09.
200:  1. Margaux Jones (Red) 25.01, 2. Erica Wadell (Y) 26.39, 3. Alexis DeCoud (REV) 26.44.
400: 1. Brenna Phillips (REV) 58.93, 2. Kinzie McBride (REV) 59.72, 3. Allison Crowley (Red) 1:00.34.
800: 1. Claire Crowley (Red) 2:16.41, 2. Karen Jacobs (Red) 2:21.28, 3. Samantha Poliakon (C) 2:27.86.
1600: 1. Bailey Smith (Y) 5:12.58, 2. Samantha Aguilar (REV) 5:15.08, 3. Jess Aguilar (Y) 5:19.32.
3200: 1. Jess Aguilar (Y) 11:34.72, 2. Bailey Smith (Y) 11:40.22, 3. Samantha Aguilar (REV) 11:45.95
4×100 relay: 1. Redlands 48.32, 2. REV 49.13, 3. Yucaipa 49.41.
4×400 relay: 1. Redlands 3:58.14, 2. REV 4:00.86, 3. Yucaipa 4:15.68.
100 intermediate hurdles: 1. Brook Porter (C) 16.51, 2. Diana Williams (REV) 17.46, 3. Lilian Larios (Mil) 18.22.
300 low hurdles: 1. Juanita Webster (Red) 44.00, 2. Tristan Kilman (Y) 46.95, 3. Lillian Larios (M) 49.69.
High jump: 1. Savannah Miller (Red) 5-8, 2. Juanita Webster (Red) 5-6, 3. Alisha Edwards (Red) 5-6, 4. Janell Walley (Y) 5-4.
Long Jump: 1. Margaux Jones (Red) 19-10 1/2, 2. Janeise Tucker (E) 17-2 3/4, 3. Eric McCarty (Red) 16-8 3/4.
Triple jump: 1. Juanita Webster (Red) 38-3, 2. Rayana Dawson (C) 35-1 1/2, 3. Alexis DeCoud (REV) 32-11 1/2.
Shot put: 1. Marina Gaytan (Red) 33-1 1/2, 2. Chelianne Masiasomua (C) 32-9 3/4, 3. Makenna Plott (Y) 32-9 1/2.
Discus: 1. Shawna Masiasomua (C) 101-6 1/2, 2. Madison Wilson (REV) 98-5, 3. Michelle Scott (Y) 95-6.


Citrus Belt League winter all-league teams


Marquane Harris- 12 Eisenhower – MVP
Darrien Manker- 12 Cajon
Kevin McNeal- 11 Cajon
Terry Clarendon- 12 Eisenhower
Markelle Harris- 11 Eisenhower
Rayshawn Kearney- 12 Eisenhower
Michael Johnson- 11 AB Miller
Philippe Salawa- 12 AB Miller
Bradly Motylewski- 11 Redlands
Elias Chuha- 12 Redlands East Valley
Alexios Ziska- 11 Redlands East Valley
Jaryn Taylor- 12 Yucaipa

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All-Citrus Belt League football


Offensive MVPs: Malik Lovette (Redlands East Valley) and Tawon  Green (Eisenhower)
Defensive MVPs: Matteo Biscott (REV) and Terry Clarendon (Eisenhower)

First Team Offense
Marquane Harris, Eisenhower
Armando Herrera, REV
Running back
Tawon Green, Eisenhower
Alonzo Anderson, REV
Gavin Westover, Cajon
Zack Lindsey, Redlands
Offensive Line
Micah St. Andrew, Eisenhower
Joseph Price, REV
Steven Chaparro, Yucaipa
Josh Esco, REV
Lauuli Fata, REV
Brett Landon, Redlands
Tight End
Malik Lovette, REV
Wide Receiver
Anthony Grayson, REV
Erik Abrams, Yucaipa
Brandon Scott, Yucaipa
Marcus Durham, Redlands

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Citrus Belt League football coin flip results

Entering this week, there are 2 different 3-way tie breaker scenarios for Citrus Belt League football, and here’s why Yucaipa will be rooting hard for Eisenhower.

First, the coin flips have already been conducted.

So if, REV beats Ike, REV is the No 1. and if Redlands also beats Yucaipa, there is no 3-way tie.  And it would be 1. REV, 2. Redlands, 3. Ike, 4. Yucaipa

But if REV and Yucaipa win, there would be a three-way tie for second with Yucaipa, Ike and Redlands.

Here are the results if that happens: 1. REV, 2. Redlands, 3. Ike, 4. Yucaipa, the same as above.

If Ike and Yucaipa win, then it would be no 3-way tie, and it would be 1. Ike, 2. REV, 3. Yucaipa, 4. Redlands.

If Ike and Redlands win, then it would be a 3-way tie for 1st, and the coin flip results would be: 1. Redlands, 2. Eisenhower, 3. REV.

So, the only way Yucaipa gets in is to win and have Eisenhower win. Thunderbirds will be rooting for Eagles, that’s for sure!


Football league predictions, then and now

OK, here we go, as all the remaining football leagues in the area start league play this week.

I will revisit my predictions in all the leagues. I predicted at the beginning of the season, and revising my predictions from what I know after 5 games.

Before the season prediction
1. Ontario Chrisitan, 2. Aquinas, 3. LInfield Christian, 4. Calvary Murrieta, 5. Western Christian, 6. Arrowhead Christian.
Prediction now
1. Ontario Christian, 2. Western Christian, 3. Arrowhead Christian, 4. LInfield Christian, 5. Aquinas, 6. Calvary Murrieta.
Why the change: Western and ACA are better than expected, both at 5-0, but I don’t think they can knock off the experience of Ontario Christian.
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all-Citrus Belt League baseball, softball, boys volleyball

All – Citrus Belt League Baseball

1st Team
Jacob Nottingham 12 Redlands – Player of the Year
Justin Hendricks 12 Cajon
Mike Quinonez 12 Cajon
Cody Swanson 12 Cajon
Marc Barajas 12 Eisenhower
Andrew Agundez 12 AB Miller
Anthony Aguila 12 Redlands
Roman Cross 12 Redlands
Angel Landazuri 12 Redlands
Sean Smith 12 Redlands
Jimmy Walker 12 Redlands
David Barela 10 Redlands East Valley
Zachary Kirtley 11 Redlands East Valley
Dayton Reeves 12 Redlands East Valley
Yanni Thanopoulos 12 Redlands East Valley
Scotty James 12 Yucaipa
Dillon Rezendez 12 Yucaipa
Kyle Roy 12 Yucaipa
 2nd Team
Matt Acosta Cajon
Kurtis Kloke Cajon
Andrew Rios Cajon
Chad Butler Redlands
Ryan England Redlands East Valley
Isaac Gonzalez Redlands East Valley
Broderick Robinson Redlands East Valley
Blake Tuthill Redlands East Valley
Marcos Vega Redlands East Valley
Billy Baldwin Yucaipa
Joey Chapman Yucaipa
Breyer Gayle Yucaipa
Tom Lerouge Yucaipa
Taylor Pelissero Yucaipa
Tyler Wells Yucaipa
Honorable Mention
Zach Grande Cajon
Michael Tillman Redlands
Mark Lucas Yucaipa

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New league alignment for 2014-16 for Citrus Belt Area

At Monday’s meeting at Arroyo Valley, proposal No. 19, one submitted by Riverside Norte Vista, was the winning bid.

Here’s a look at how the leagues will look for 2 years beginning in the fall of 2014, beginning with leagues that have San Bernardino County schools. New schools in that league in bold:

Cajon, Carter, Citrus Valley, Eisenhower, Miller, Redlands, Redlands East Valley, Yucaipa.
Big Bear, Desert Hot Springs, Desert Mirage, Rancho Mirage, Shadow Hills, Twentynine Palms, Xavier Prep, Yucca Valley.
Adelanto, Barstow, Granite Hills, Silverado, Victor Valley

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Cajon girls hold off Miller, 55-53 in a great game

On the surface, there might be little to enjoy about Cajon’s girls basketball 55-53 Citrus Belt League victory over Miller on Thursday.

  • Cajon won despite being held scoreless for the final 2:50.
  • The teams went a combined 0-for-4 from the line in the final 1:01, with Cajon twice missing the front end of a one-and-one.
  • More than 4 1/2 minutes into the game, the score was 4-4.
  • Miller made just eight of 18 free throws in the game.

But despite all that, it was an incredible game. It was probably one of the best league girls basketball games I’ve seen in a long time. It had a great pace to it. Both teams are fast, move the ball and play tough defense, and neither team led by more than seven points at any point in the game. Every shot and pass was contested. Neither team goes deep into their benches for a game like this, and both teams were in foul trouble but that made the game interesting.

Miller definitely has more size and experience. Miller has 6-foot-3 senior LaCrisha Mackall and starts two seniors, two juniors and a sophomore. Cajon has no player taller than 6-feet, and starts three freshmen, a junior and a senior. The contrast in styles was interesting.

I am already looking forward to the rematch, Feb. 5 at 6 p.m. at Miller. But both teams need to be careful as there is plenty of talent in the league. On an off-night, Miller or Cajon could lose to someone else in the league.

All Citrus Belt League football

2012 All-Citrus Belt League Football

First team Offense
Levi Plante, REV, QB
Jimmy Walker, Redlands, QB
Taylor Thompson, REV, RB
Darryl Miller, Redlands, RB
Wesley Hill, Cajon, RB
Jerrion Burton, Eisenhower, WR
Brandon Scott, Yucaipa, WR
Daniel Gonzales, REV, WR
Jordan Ory, Redlands, WR
Micah St. Andrews, Eisenhower, OL
David Fortunat, Eisenhower, OL
Steven Chaparro, Yucaipa, OL
Donald Hale, REV, OL
Jared Layel, Redlands, OL
Desjon Burroughs, Cajon, OL
Dallas Mohler, Yucaipa, TE

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