Coach Hernandez and his new field …

The Warriors have to be excited to play on that …

La Puente’s new football coach Ray Hernandez

I wonder what SGV team (s) will be next to have field turf installed on campus? It sounds like Hernandez has them pretty excited at LP. I don’t think it’s going to take a quantam leap for the Warriors to jump back into the Montview League race. That’s going to be an interesting race this year … here’s the article …
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Coaches: READ THIS …

Think of something better than “I want to spend more time with my family.”

Somewhere out there a coach’s wife read the Tribune and probably thought there was an ounce of truth in what her husband told yours truly while announcing his resignation … and yes, I was sitting there typing and thinking “He’s so full of beans.”

If you’re cute enough to call a reverse in the third quarter of a close game, then you should be able to come up with a better reason than “I want to spend more time with my family” when you get quasi-forced out or want to look for another job.

You’re probably all wondering “What brought this on, Aram?” Well …
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If you’re not excited now, you never will be …

Check it: Our first glimpse of new Los Altos running back Ira Thomas

He came from Chino Hills on a mission. The mission is to ease the pain of James Davis transferring out.

I GOOFED AND PUT SEPT. 2 INSTEAD OF SEPT. 1 FOR THE WEEK 0 GAMES. IT’S SEPT. 1 (not my first screw up and certainly won’t be my last).

Listen the hell up … the home page has a new feature that shows the Top 5 most read stories daily with links. It’s called “Click Picks.” I know, the gimmick title needs work. Anyway, I am going to be quite sour if prep sports stories like mine from today aren’t consistently in the Top 5 and mostly No. 1. All of you need to get re-acquainted with the page. It’s going to be off the hook this year. I’m telling you!

Next, if you’re a South El Monte fan, you’re not going to want to click on this thread and continue reading … if you’re an Amat fan, let me show you a group of guys who don’t give a crap about golden As, Pat Haden and how bright Amat will shine …
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State of the Union for SGV Tribune preps sports coverage …

Aram Tolegian to the masses: Distinguished coaches, revered athletes, fellow fans and coveted readers, the state of the Tribune’s prep sports coverage is improving.

It is my privilege to present to you all the current state of affairs at the SGV Tribune as it relates to our prep sports coverage.

Let me start by saying that I read an article this week about how the truly successful blogs are those in which the author gives first person accounts of the happenings in his or her life. Blogs are the new phenomenon, we all know that. So, people’s theories on what makes them go, and keep going, vary. In the case of this blog, I don’t think you guys want to read a daily or weekly account of the goings on in my life (ok, some of you maybe). I believe that what’s made this blog so wildly successful has very little to do with me and everything to do with the substance of the content, namely prep sports. And expanding even further on that, this blog is good because it’s got a major sense of community. We’re all in this Valley together, or we were at one time, so to speak.
From time to time I have no problem with some first-person accounts of life on the beat, but overall I want this to be a place where everyone can express themselves and share their thoughts about the happenings in our local sports world. This blog won’t change it’s philosophy and will continue to adhere to its “This blog is my blog, this blog is your blog …” pretense.

Yet it is not enough to simply blog when a blank check in the form of a website is at our disposal. It is not enough to simply blog when the actual raw copy of the newspaper is still the liver that filters the life of our existence. These things can and will get better.
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Here’s your open invite …

… to watch us film “A Local Sports Show’s” football preview show live from Philly’s Best in San Dimas … oh screw it … here’s the note w/details from Time Warner media stalwart Reg Miller, who will host the show.

Be sure to let the SGV Community know that we will be taping the 2006-’07 Scholastic Sports Seasons first episode of “A Local Sports Show” Saturday August 26th around 11:30am on location in San Dimas at Philly’s Best Authentic Cheesesteak & Hoagie Shop. Invite everyone to come out and enjoy a cheesesteak or two and listen to us talk about the fall sports season. Come one, come all. It should be a blast we’ll be talking about the areas HS Football top returners, top programs, schedules, predictions, coaching staffs etc….

PS there will be a Hoagie eating contest similar to what happens when the infamous Kobyashi descends upon Nathan’s Famous Hotdog shop on Coney Island….. Who will win? Everyone can enter by stopping by Philly’s Best in San Dimas located at:

806 C W. Arrow Highway
San Dimas, CA 91773
(909)305-8811 ask for contest coordinator John Brock.

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