Another fresh & easy choice

No, not Loma Linda…yet.

Calimesa’s fresh & easy opened its doors…oh, a little less than an hour ago. It’s at 1126 Calimesa Blvd., just off Interstate 10.

Next up: The second Ontario location for the neighborhood market, at 2275 S. Euclid Ave. It opens two weeks from today, April 7. That’ll be followed a week later (April 14) by the La Quinta store, 78-130 Calle Tampico.

Of course, still no word on the Loma Linda store or that third Moreno Valley store.

However, this Twitter conversation makes us think we’ll hear something very soon regarding the former.

Of course, we’ve got our own little bird telling us things, so we’ll be sure to let you know when we hear anything.

Quick…hop in the time machine!

Were you one of the first 100 customers in line at the new Calimesa Denny’s this morning?

If you were, you got a Grand Slam a year for free.

The rest of us will just have to pay like everyone else.

Unless you’re some sort of time-traveling wizard who can travel back to 7 a.m. December 7 to get a free year’s worth of Grand Slams.

Of course, if you are some sort of time-traveling wizard, you’ve probably got better things to do than travel back in time to get free Denny’s Grand Slams.

Or perhaps not.

The rest of us non-time-travelers can now visit the new Denny’s at 1184 Calimesa Blvd. (at Myrtlewood Drive).