Column: ‘The Way Back’ uses Ontario church as well as Chaffey gym

The ol’ IVDB already reported in 2018 that “The Way Back,” the Ben Affleck movie, filmed at Chaffey High for two weeks, amounting to about one-third of the movie, and returned for reshoots in 2019. But I happened to learn recently that a church near the high school was also the site of filming for the movie. I write about that in Sunday’s column, as well as dishing up some coronavirus-related items, from the silly to the serious.

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Column: For Graber’s, windfall of TV publicity isn’t the pits

Two plugs on “The Tonight Show” by Jimmy Fallon and an episode of “Ghost Adventures” give Ontario’s Graber Olives a rush of publicity and sales. Also, a former Mother of Invention band member checks in and the Rancho Cucamonga Public Library’s annual Star Wars Day event goes virtual. All of that is in Wednesday’s post-holiday column.

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Column: Fred Willard made frequent cameos in Upland

I was sorry to learn over the weekend that actor Fred Willard had died. He was a favorite of mine just as he was probably a favorite of yours. He performed a bunch of times at the Grove Theatre in Upland, of all places, where I once met him, and where some of you may have seen him and even met him. I write about him in Wednesday’s column.

As for the photo, the Grove was going to send me one but didn’t (sigh), and I wanted something more than just a generic wire-service portrait of him. So I clipped a portion of his obituary from our print edition, which had a thumbnail mug of him, and drove to the Grove for one of my specialties, holding up a photo in front of a building for a combo photo.

The sun shone through the thin paper, though. Improvising, I folded up the clipping to include only his face and name, the extra layers of newsprint behind serving to block the sun. Nice. The resulting photo is a little odd, but I’m hoping pleasantly so. Kind of like Willard himself.

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Your two cents: ‘tone deaf’

Has it really been three years since my last Your Two Cents post? Time flies. Anyway, Sunday’s column on my favorite Starbucks closing — not my favorite coffeehouse, my favorite Starbucks — was my most popular all month based on online views, which I would not have expected.

Although I made a point of saying that the loss of mom-and-pop businesses will be felt more keenly, some people were unmoved and wondered why they should care that a single Starbucks closed (they may have only been reacting to the headline) or why I would waste space writing about a corporate business.

Here’s an email to that point, sender’s name excised:

May I ask why you chose to focus on corporate closings for your article detailing a recent Starbucks shuttering? While you acknowledged that mom and pop stores will also likely close, I feel you wasted your article space by focusing on large corporations that will more easily navigate the difficult economic period. Your article could have addressed the local businesses or coffee shops that need all the help they can get! Sanctuary Coffee is one such location that is non-profit dedicated to social change and great coffee!

May I suggest that you consider highlighting organizations that can actually use the money we spend as consumers? I have little sympathy for corporations like Starbucks losing a location in the sea of their other locations. My only concern is for the employees that are working there and if their jobs are still available to them at locations which I don’t believe you addressed in your article. What of them and the impact of the closure on their jobs? Your portrayal of being inconvenienced by the closure comes off as selfish and tone deaf to be honest.


(Sender’s name)

OK, I admit I’m sharing this email mostly because when she followed up “selfish and tone deaf” with “Kindly,” I let out a horselaugh. One might even wonder if the writer was tone deaf to her own email.

When I replied to her, politely, I cut and pasted the two paragraphs about the fate of the employees, said that I write about local businesses often and that I never expressed sympathy for Starbucks or said anyone should.

But I’ll throw it out there anyway: Who else thinks writing about a closed Starbucks that I frequented was a poor use of column space?

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Column: Extra pump of bad news as favorite hangout closes

In Sunday’s column, I write about a Claremont Starbucks that has closed permanently, and also was a favorite spot of mine.

I started writing this last Monday as a potential secondary item to appear after the lead item Wednesday about Trudi Blair’s birthday celebration. But as I wrapped up I realized I had enough to make a column and set it aside. Maybe a Starbucks closing isn’t column-worthy, I don’t know, but it’s a place I liked, and I’m sure others liked it too.

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Column: Stones’ 3rd Swing show was off the hook

Third in a sort-of series, I write about the Rolling Stones’ third (of four) concerts at San Bernardino’s Swing Auditorium in Friday’s column, 55 years to the day of the show itself. I’m a little amazed how much information I was able to find from various sources about one 1960s concert, although I thought that the first two times too. We’ll resume this series in July 2021, the 55th anniversary of the fourth concert.

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