Column: ‘Houston, we have a surprise dinner companion’

Friday’s column is made up mostly of items written in recent weeks that didn’t get into print for space reasons. The bulk are from the past week — a couple are from my vacation — but some of the Pomona Progress items go back to September. I don’t if anyone is reading the paper (or our website) on the day after Thanksgiving but this seemed like a good day to use them, especially since I was compiling the column the morning before Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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Column: Sign flub hints that freeway work really is endless

feb 31, burger chef 005

How could I resist a construction sign with the date “Feb. 31”? Clearly I could not. Sunday’s column leads off with that item and continues with five Rancho Cucamonga briefs, three Culture Corner briefs and an item on the early days of the Cucamonga library.

Would you like to hear about the photo? After a Facebook tip on Tuesday from reader Ron Scott, who’d seen the sign on the Towne offramp, I made a note of it and spotted similar signs Wednesday evening at a couple of ramps in Pomona and at the Indian Hill on- and offramps. I resolved to take a photo Thursday morning at the Indian Hill onramp on my way into work.

I parked by the closed World Famous Grill (yes, fame is fleeting) and first shot the sign, the one at the eastbound onramp, over and through the chain-link fence, as seen above. Not the best view, but acceptable. Then I walked around the Starbucks to the street and a few feet up the ramp’s landscaped side, nervously, to photograph the sign head-on.

Originally I was going to post the photo on my blog, but I decided Friday morning to use it in print. It’s been years since I ran a silly photo with my column that only went with a short item.

Incidentally, the sign at the westbound offramp would in retrospect have been a better photo, and easier to take, being only feet from the sidewalk and next to a Shell station, but I was in the wrong lane of traffic to get over there once I saw it. In another way, I made the best choice by photographing the eastbound sign, because instead of “this ramp,” this particular sign read “his ramp,” an extra level of strangeness.

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